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The Louis Sokoloff Papers

Letter from Stanley Prusiner to Louis Sokoloff pdf (57,253 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Stanley Prusiner to Louis Sokoloff
Stanley B. Prusiner (b. 1942) is an American neurologist and biochemist who won the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of prions. Prusiner wrote to set a date for Sokoloff's visit to UCSF; he mentioned several topics he could give talks on, and noted that much of the week would be free to tour the wine country.
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1977-04-20 (April 20, 1977)
Prusiner, Stanley
University of California, San Francisco
Sokoloff, Louis
Reproduced with permission of Stanley Prusiner.
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Establishing the Foundation for PET Scanning: the 2-Deoxyglucose Method, 1968-1978
Metadata Record Letter from Louis Sokoloff to Stanley Prusiner (May 18, 1977) pdf (58,653 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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April 20, 1977
Dear Louis:
I enjoyed seeing you very much at the Neurochemistry meeting in Denver. The American Society of Neurochemistry meeting is about the right size and I hope the Society does not grow too much, for it will probably begin to ruin the meeting. I am dictating this letter on my way home from the Federation meeting in Chicago where there were 18,000 people. Ugh!
I am mainly writing to set a firm date with you of October 24-28, 1977, for you to be a visiting professor at the University of California, San Francisco. I anticipate that funds for your support will come from both Neurology and Biochemistry and thus I would hope that you would speak on two or three topics during that week. The bulk of the time during that week would be free and you should plan with Betty to tour the wine country so that your knowledge of California wines increases exponentially.
Of course, a lecture on the 2-D-oxyglucose would be appropriate and perhaps something on the thyroid, and maybe even a discussion of [beta]-hydroxybutarate would be in order. You even might consider giving your aging talk.
Sandy sends her regards and so does Toot.
With best wishes,
Stanley Prusiner
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