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The Sol Spiegelman Papers

Letter from Sol Spiegelman to Francis Crick pdf (68,242 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Sol Spiegelman to Francis Crick
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1956-12-10 (December 10, 1956)
Spiegelman, Sol
Crick, Francis
University of Cambridge. Cavendish Laboratory
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RNA-DNA Hybridization in Viruses, 1955-1965
Metadata Record Letter from Francis Crick to Sol Spiegelman (October 19, 1956) pdf (164,459 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1946-1983
Folder: Crick, Francis H. C., 1956-1977
December 10, 1956
Dear Francis:
This is in reply to your letter of the 6th of December, and I also had meant to drop you a note in response to yours of the 19th of October, but never quite got the time.
First with regard to your suggesting that I publish my speculations on antibody formation. I'll have to try to get them down on paper before I can really make up my mind whether they are worth committing permanently to literature.
I gather from the fact that you have underlined "very" that a trip to the Midwest is ruled out by the shortness of your visit; however if things change, I hope you will let me know. There are quite a few observations I would like to talk over with you which have emerged from the study of coli shockates. We have uncovered an extremely interesting interaction between something associated with virus DNA and enzyme synthesis in coli shockates. The interesting thing is that it stops synthesis. There are others equally worth discussing.
I recently got a rather plaintive letter from McQuillen complaining that I had not sent him a preprint of my John Hopkins paper. I don't have any more copies available, and I would really deeply appreciate it if you would let him look over your copy. If it's gone, I shall try to borrow one to send to him. I really didn't mean to ignore him.
Sincerely yours,
S. Spiegelman
Professor of Bacteriology
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