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The Sol Spiegelman Papers

Letter from Roy H. Doi to Sol Spiegelman pdf (68,320 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Roy H. Doi to Sol Spiegelman
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1965-07-01 (July 1, 1965)
Doi, Roy H.
University of California, Davis
Spiegelman, Sol
Reproduced with permission of Roy H. Doi.
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RNA, Ribosomal
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RNA-DNA Hybridization in Viruses, 1955-1965
Metadata Record Letter from Sol Spiegelman to Roy H. Doi (July 26, 1965) pdf (93,716 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1946-1983
Folder: Doi, Roy H., 1959-1970
July 1, 1965
Dear Sol:
Greetings from God's country! After a long journey across the country we have finally settled down a bit. My lab is still in the process of getting organized, but within two weeks our work should be proceeding at its usual rate.
There is one question that I would like to ask. In your studies on hybrid formation between ribosomal RNA and DNA, you found that B. megaterium R-RNA did not hybridize with E. coli DNA. In our studies with B. subtilis R-RNA we are finding that it will hybridize with E. coli and Prot. vulgaris DNA when assayed by the Hall-Spiegelman SWB method and the Nygaard-Hall membrane method. However, B. subtilis R-RNA does not hybridize with Ps. aeruginosa DNA under any condition. Did you ever try hybridizing your megaterium R-RNA with any other specie(s)? We are finding some very interesting results with interspecies hybridization particularly with R-RNA. The M-RNA has not been conserved among Bacillus species according to our results.
Also I would appreciate receiving a couple more reprints of the paper in the Regulation Symposium at Marseilles, if still available. Thank you.
Since we are building a home, I hope you will be able to visit us sometime in the near future. I hope you will let me know when you visit the West Coast in order that I may set up a visit for you.
With best regards,
Sincerely yours,
Roy H. Doi
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