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The Sol Spiegelman Papers

Letter from Harlyn O. Halvorson to Sol Spiegelman pdf (72,943 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Harlyn O. Halvorson to Sol Spiegelman
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1953-03-19 (March 19, 1953)
Halvorson, Harlyn O.
University of Michigan Medical School
Spiegelman, Sol
Reproduced with permission of Harlyn O. Halvorson Jr.
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Enzymes and Genetics, 1940-1955
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1946-1983
Folder: Halvorson, Harlyn O.; [Hift, Helen; Holmes, John; Hotchkiss, Rollin D.; Honeyman, Merton], 1946-1959
March 19, 1953
Dear Sol:
I repeated the experiment on starvation with Tryptozan at a level of 0.005M. I found that the control cells were decreased to 10% of their original value, while the inhibited cells dropped only to 66% of their original glutanic acid. Since I wanted a sufficient amount of pool to send to Dr. Henderson, I did not want to go above the concentration of .005M.
This is a much better run than I had previously when I had difficulty in depleting the normal pool with glucose. For some reason or other, the experiments are now working, so I repeated the Tryptozan experiment. Dr. Henderson has the samples of the earlier run which are not as conclusive as this one. If the gram is available I would rather repeat this experiment at a higher level.
I am sending under separate cover the three samples: the zero-time sample, sixty-minute starvation, and sixty-minute starvation with analogue. I am running the other analyses here. I think we should have this information before sending out the Tryptozan manuscript, preferably repeated at a slightly higher concentration to be comparable to the earlier experiment on p-fluoro phynylalanine.
I ran the starvation experiments with alcohol and found that the pool is not depleted in a control sample or a long-starved and replenished sample. I think it would be worthwhile looking at this same story with other non-competing energy sources.
I am leaving the 27th of March to go to New York and I will stay there until you arrive on the 31st. I will be staying at Betty's house in case you want to reach me. Their address is: Ted Caspar, Apartment 62, 39 Clairmont Avenue, New York, 27.
I received a letter from Dr. Monod extending his invitation to visit his lab.
See you soon,
Harlyn Halvorson
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