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The Sol Spiegelman Papers

Letter from Sol Spiegelman to Joshua Lederberg pdf (48,345 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Sol Spiegelman to Joshua Lederberg
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1948-02-16 (February 16, 1948)
[Spiegelman, Sol]
Lederberg, Joshua
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Enzymes and Genetics, 1940-1955
Metadata Record Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Sol Spiegelman (February 11, 1948) pdf (83,963 Bytes) transcript of pdf
The original letter from the Joshua Lederberg Papers includes Spiegelman's handwritten chart:
Metadata Record Letter from Sol Spiegelman to Joshua Lederberg (February 16, 1948) (in The Joshua Lederberg Papers) pdf (63,087 Bytes) ocr (1,607 Bytes)
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1946-1983
Folder: Lederberg, Joshua, 1946-1978
February 16, 1948
Dear Josh:
In the next day or so you will receive those of our strains which you asked for and which we have available. Not all the combinations you request are contained in our collection. There is one Lac plus Mal plus which we are sending out to you. The following chart will give you the characteristics of the strain:
I am sending two haploid stocks, ma, and MA, which should mate without too much difficulty. They differ by maltose fermenting capacity. Needless to say, I should be very happy to receive any mutants involving fermentation back again.
We have been concentrating our attention mainly on the pink varieties, and while it is still quite confusing, it remains amusing. We have been keeping in fairly close touch with Ed on this. He claims that he is not particularly desirous of pushing the kind of investigations we here are primarily interested in. But in any case, we have been exchanging our stocks and are checking on the biochemical characters of each other's gtrains.
You raise the question of next year's plans. So far as mine are concerned, they are still in a nebulous state and John just said "ditto" for him too.
With best regards,
Sincerely yours,
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