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The Salvador E. Luria Papers

Letter from Salvador E. Luria to colleagues at Cold Spring Harbor pdf (67,589 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Salvador E. Luria to colleagues at Cold Spring Harbor
In this letter, Luria followed up with his colleagues on their responses to his suggestion of the formation of an ad hoc committee to discuss a successor to Milislav Demerec as director of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Most of the scientists were opposed to their taking collective action.
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1959-03-19 (March 19, 1959)
Luria, Salvador E.
Original Repository: American Philosophical Society. Library. Salvador Luria Papers
Reproduced with permission of Daniel D. Luria.
Reproduced with permission of the American Philosophical Society.
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From Phage to Colicins, 1945-1972
Metadata Record Letter from Salvador E. Luria to colleagues regarding Cold Spring Harbor (March 6, 1959) pdf (88,068 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence, 1938-1992
Folder: Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1957-1981
March 19, 1959
Dear Friends:
The response to my note of March 6, 1959 concerning Demerec's successor has been as follows:
Beadle advises caution; may be able to contact someone in Haskins' office.
Caspari suggests consulting Demerec before offering Haskins support and advice.
Delbruck wouldn't participate, but suggests a possible letter to Chairman of L. I. Biological Association, for transmission to Haskins.
Dobzhansky advises against letter.
Dunn is against action now.
Glass suggests personal talks to Haskins at National Academy meeting.
Lederberg would sign a letter.
Mayr has written to Haskins (he knows him well).
Muller suggests asking advice of someone well acquainted with Haskins. Would sign letter.
Rhoades and Sonneborn advise against letter; suggest contact to Barbara.
Roman suggests Beadle as contact; advices emphasis on and tribute to Demerec's outstanding success.
Stern approves of cautious letter expressing interest and desire to be of help.
(Giles not heard from.)
In view of the predominant advice against writing collectively, I simply pass on to you the various suggestions (personal contacts or letters to Haskins; contacts with Demerec or McClintock) for possible personal actions.
I shall be away after April third for eight weeks.
Best regards,
S. E. Luria
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