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The C. Everett Koop Papers

Memorandum from C. Everett Koop to Fred F. Fielding, The White House pdf (271,155 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Memorandum from C. Everett Koop to Fred F. Fielding, The White House
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1981-08-06 (August 6, 1981)
Koop, C. Everett
Fielding, Fred F.
White House
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Metadata Record Memorandum from Fred F. Fielding, The White House to C. Everett Koop (August 5, 1981) pdf (247,054 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Series: Correspondence
Folder: Aug. 1981
August 6, 1981
To: Fred F. Fielding
The White House
From: C. Everett Koop, M.D.
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health
Subject: Personal Data Statement
There follow the answers to the questions posed to me in your memorandum of August 5, 1981, numbered answer for numbered question.
1. Until 1980, before I thought of government service, I was a member of the Board of Directors of the Delta Western Oil Company (1979), a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Western Funds, Inc. (1974), itself a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Western Company (1976).
Not organically related to the above, but with a similar Board of Directors, there was Delta Funds, Inc. (founded in 1963).
The Surgical Clinic for Children is a partnership of pediatric surgeons of which I was the senior partner. This partnership itself was a partner in another partnership known as the Surgical Associates of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
Light of Life, Inc. A non-profit religious corporation.
University of Pennsylvania. I held two professorships -- one in pediatric surgery and one in pediatrics.
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, I was its Surgeon-in-Chief since 1948 until I left on February 28, 1981. In addition, on two occasions, I held the post of President of the Executive Committee of the Medical Staff.
The Evangelical Foundation. A Philadelphia foundation of which I was President for 25 years and on whose Board I currently sit.
MAP International. A non-profit corporation dealing in medical and famine relief as well as sanitation in the third world. I resigned from the Board in 1981.
Eastern College. For a period of four years, I was a member of its Board of Trustees.
The Stoneybrook School. I was a member of the Board of Trustees for about 7 or 8 years, ending eight years ago.
I held consultant posts at several Philadelphia institutions for the acute and chronic care of children as well as several hospitals.
2. I have no such financial interests except that I do own stock in several companies whose securities are traded on the New York Stock Exchange, etc.
3. I have no debts.
4. In addition to my personal residence, I own two acres of land suitable for building a home in Upper Deerfield Township, NJ. In addition, I own a residence on Fairway Lane in New London, NH. This is occupied by my son and his family.
5. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I have a pension due me from that institution when I turn 65 as well as a deferred compensation plan into which I have made tax deductible payments for the past six years. Neither one of these sources of eventual income will have anything added to the principal but interest.
The Surgical Associates of the Children's Hospital. My contract as a partner is that for a period of one year following my resignation (2-28-81). I will receive 75% of my accounts receivable as of that date that will be collected during the ensuing year.
6. I enjoy no fringe benefits.
7. I have no plans for future employment.
8. I have never been convicted of any such violation.
9. I never have been nor am I at present under any kind of investigation for violation of a criminal statute.
10. No tax lien or collection procedure has ever been instituted against me.
11. In 1976, the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia received a grant from the William Penn Foundation in order to provide mini-residencies for periods of a month to practicing physicians who would like to come back for a refresher course. When the announcement of the Board was made, several people were asked to comment in a newspaper article. What I had to say, by telephone to a reporter, was not to the liking of the Philadelphia County Medical Society. Neither the professor of pediatrics nor I had any opportunity to see what we were quoted as saying. My quote appeared: "Rarely does a day go by that a patient doesn't come in with a physician-caused problem." That is a true statement for someone in my position in the kind of a hospital in which I worked but organized medicine doesn't like to hear it. I was asked to appear before the Board of Censors and I refused to do so because I felt the explanation I had made by mail was adequate. I was not censored by this group but I was reprimanded.
12. I have never been involved in civil litagation except to appear as an expert witness in medical/legal suits. On one occasion I, along with other members of the Department of Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania and the Department of Surgery at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, was named in a grievance procedure to the University by a disgruntled member of the surgical staff. The grievance commission found no personal fault with any individuals but did suggest that the University might make certain amends to the individual in question.
13. I have never run for political office. My only connection with politics has been to make some modest contributions to specific Republican organizations or specific Republican candidates.
14. I have been publicly identified as a person and by organizations to which I have belonged with the controversial subject of abortion. I have been a member of the Board of Directors of the Christian Action Council, Americans United for Life, the National Right-to-Life Committee (I was a member one month before resignation), and I have been a member of the Board of Reference of the Ad Hoc Committee in Defense of Life.
I have not as has been quoted in the press since my arrival in Washington ever made statements opposing the rights of women, homosexuals, or any other identifiable group.
15. I have written extensively, had press conferences, have been written about, etc. I never did this in an official governmental capacity nor have I ever submitted anything to a government authority.
16. Although I don't consider the books I have written controversial, some people do. Those that are considered so are: The Right to Life, the Right to Die; and Whatever Happened to the Human Race. Copies of both are attached.
17. I have had no such association.
18. I expect various pro-abortion groups, perhaps some feminist organizations, perhaps even a homosexual group, and the American Public Health Association to oppose my nomination as Surgeon General.
19. The individual who brought the grievance procedure before the University of Pennsylvania is, in my opinion, paranoid in his behavior. He is not satisfied with the University's response to his grievance. His future behavior is unpredictable.
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