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The C. Everett Koop Papers

Letter from Willard Stewart Hotchkiss, American Medical Association to C. Everett Koop pdf (62,220 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Willard Stewart Hotchkiss, American Medical Association to C. Everett Koop
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1986-11-26 (November 26, 1986)
Hotchkiss, Willard Stewart
American Medical Association
Koop, C. Everett
Reproduced with permission of Willard Stewart Hotchkiss.
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Reproduction and Family Health
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Correspondence
Folder: Nov. 1986
November 26, 1986
Dear Doctor Koop:
I just wanted to send you a note complimenting you on your remarks which were made on the public service television program entitled, "Telling the Truth."
I guess I am one of the old-time doctors also, but I definitely feel that when a fifteen-year-old girl comes to the doctor and wants contraceptive advice, she certainly deserves more than a simple prescription for the Pill.
There are many other problems associated with sexual activity at this age, and the patient definitely needs some education and information about them, One can be reasonably certain that such an individual has not been told of the potential of the very serious infectious diseases, the possibility of failure of any contraceptive method, the unlikelihood of any relationship formed at this age being a lasting one, and the serious mental and even psychiatric problems which may develop as a result of such activity.
In contrast to other members of the panel, I do not feel that the provision of such information is meddlesome, and I definitely consider this type of information to be medical information and not simply moral meddling as implied by other members of the panel.
Congratulations on the job you are doing.
Sincerely yours,
W. S. Hotchkiss, M. D.
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