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The C. Everett Koop Papers

Letter from Joseph R. Stanton, Stanton Medical Associates to Thomas P. O'Neill pdf (155,136 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Joseph R. Stanton, Stanton Medical Associates to Thomas P. O'Neill
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1981-04-28 (April 28, 1981)
Stanton, Joseph R.
Stanton Medical Associates
O'Neill, Thomas P.
United States House of Representatives
Reproduced with permission of Joseph R. Stanton.
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April 28, 1981
Dear Speaker O'Neill:
I find it profoundly disturbing, today, that being in historic mainstream in opposing abortion, I and others are subject to invidious discrimination. When four years ago, I was privileged to deliver the late John McCormack's speech to the Democratic platform committee hearings in Newport, R.I., in 1976, I and the Speaker's message were the subject of intense hostility on the part of that group of worthies.
Today, as I read of various Democratic spokesmen hand-wringing about what went "wrong", they almost invariably overlook the fact that the official party has abandoned the unborn, those who speak for them or are concerned about them. Those of us who speak for the unborn did not desert the party - the party deserted us. For specific recent reference, one need look no further than the Democratic Issues Convention of a week or two ago in Springfield, Massachusetts.
I write to you, today, to appeal to you to exert your just power to move forward the approval of the appointment of C. Everett Koop as Surgeon-General. H.E.W. has been in the immediate past the home of notorious members of the elitist cabal that insinuated abortion into the bloodstream of America. No questions were ever raised as to their competence or qualifications. I mention specifically Dr. Louis Helman, who was deputy-secretary for Population Affairs and Dr. Irvin Cushner, who served under President Carter. Both of these pro-abortion leaders were signers of the Pro-abortion Professors Brief in Roe vs Wade, that was a part of the subversion of the medical profession of this land.
Dr. C. Everett Koop is, to my personal knowledge, a man of integrity and acknowledged pre-eminence, who would bring to the office of Surgeon-General, immense talent, competence and distinction. If you can judge a man by his enemies, and at times I am assured you can, the recent bitter attacks on Dr. Koop on the editorial columns of the New York Times and Tom Winship's Boston Globe are an immense tribute! If being opposed to casual creation and callous destruction of 1,500,000 lives per year can disqualify a man of Dr. Koop's competence from serving this nation, or if the fact that he is a month or two over 64.5 years of age is to be a determining factor, then God help the United States of America.
When I read in press accounts that you invoked a house provision not used in thirty years in order to allow others to sidetrack Dr. Koop's approval, I was dismayed. How ironic that the opposition to Dr. Koop really comes not to his competence but because he says about Human Life what John Paul II says, that it is sacred - that man has not dominion over life but stewardship.
You and I are both sons of Boston College. A professorship there will bear your name to succeeding generations. My parents were honored by that institution. As one son of B.C. to another, I appeal to you, if you have never met Dr. Koop, please meet him. Please review his immense qualifications. I am sure that then for the benefit of the nation we both serve, you as magistrate, in the historic sense of the word, I as simple citizen, you will move the approval of Dr. Koop forward. The nation deserves no less.
Joseph R. Stanton, M.D.
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