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The C. Everett Koop Papers

"Address Presented at the Conference on Smoking in the Workplace, Glen Ellyn, Illinois." [Reminiscence] pdf (65,987 Bytes) transcript of pdf
"Address Presented at the Conference on Smoking in the Workplace, Glen Ellyn, Illinois." [Reminiscence]
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Koop, C. Everett
Reproduced with permission of C. Everett Koop.
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Tobacco, Second-Hand Smoke, and the Campaign for a Smoke-Free America
Metadata Record Address Presented at the Conference on Smoking in the Workplace, Glen Ellyn, Illinois (May 23, 1986) pdf (1,271,051 Bytes) ocr (19,098 Bytes)
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Series: Speeches, Lectures, Papers, 1958-2004
SubSeries: 1985-1986
Folder: Address- "Smoking in the Workplace"- Conference on Smoking in the Workplace, Glen Ellyn, IL, 1986 May 23
Lecture -- Vol. 9 -- # 2 May 23, 1986
Smoking in the workplace
Address by C. Everett Koop, MD
Surgeon General
U.S. Public Health Service and
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Presented at the Conference on Smoking in the Workplace
Glen Ellyn, Illinois
May 23, 1986
Speeches on smoking had a way of growing in sophistication. Smoking at the worksite became a very special arena for education. I think all of us are indebted to Smith, the CEO of Pacific Northwest Bell, who did more than any CEO that I know of to really annunciate the problems of smoking at the worksite, to clearly demonstrate the benefits to management and labor if smoking were removed from the worksite, and to become an example and a template for other worksite operations to eliminate the hazards of not only smoking, but passive smoking as well.
This lecture is one that should please anyone in public health because in very succinct terms it describes what public health is all about. It covers the problems of worksite smoking - the dangers of it, as well as the advantages of being without it - and it spins off a lot of other information about hazards at worksites where the offending agents are not associated with tobacco smoke except for the very important fact that sometimes tobacco smoke acts synergistically with other toxins at the worksite.
In fact, this lecture, in my opinion, was good enough to give twice and I did it first on May 23, 1986 at a Conference on Smoking in the Workplace in Glen Ellyn, Illinois and repeated it seven days later at another Conference on Smoking in the Workplace for New Jersey Corporations held at Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey on June 3, 1986.
Because of the tremendous number of chemicals and toxic agents mentioned in various worksites, no index is included here.
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