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The C. Everett Koop Papers

CMS [Christian Medical Society] Log: News from Ray Knighton, Dr. Hemwall, and Dr. Koop pdf (107,522 Bytes) transcript of pdf
CMS [Christian Medical Society] Log: News from Ray Knighton, Dr. Hemwall, and Dr. Koop
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31 January-3 February 1961
Knighton, J. Raymond
Hemwall, Gus A.
Koop, C. Everett
Christian Medical Society
Reproduced with permission of the Christian Medical and Dental Society.
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Religion and Medicine
Global Health
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Biographical Information
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News from Ray Knighton, Dr. Hemwall, and Dr. Koop
Cairo, Egypt
Tuesday, January 31, 1961
You will never guess where we are right now - in the Nile Hilton Hotel overlooking Cairo, the Nile, and the Pyramids. What a time we are having. We arrived yesterday morning at 4:00 am. Went by car to the American Hospital in Tanta, arriving there about 6:00 am. Had breakfast at 7:00 - Chapel at 8:00 am, etc. We had conferences, visited the wards, and saw the drugs we have sent. I just can't explain the feeling of seeing first-hand the work of the Lord! Everyone in the hospital thanked us for the drugs, toothpaste , and also for the instruments we purchased for them. All of them said that it would be impossible for them to carry on, especially with their charity program, without the help of CMS. We think we have found out ways that we can increase tremendously the amount of stuff we can send.
Last night after supper they had a reception where all the staff, their wives, nurses, etc. attended - between 50-60 people. They have one missionary doctor and nine Egyptian doctors. The reception was in our honor and I was asked to speak and tell about CMS. What a thrill!
This morning we got up about 5:30 - listened to the local Moselm Muezzin (Priest) chant - the call to prayer - for thirty minutes over the public address system in the town. We got on the train 6:50 am and went back to Cairo. We arrived back here at 8:00 am and were met by the Deputy Director of ICA (International Cooperation Administration) with the Embassy car and chauffeur. The car and driver were ours all day! We came here to the Nile Hilton, left our baggage and went out to visit the Naval U. S. Medical Research Unit. They are carrying on some very important work, especially for the people here in Egypt. After that we went out to see the sphinx and pyramids.
We came back to Cairo and had a tremendous lunch with our host from the ICA, Mr. Martin, in the Roof Garden Restaurant at the Shepherd's Hotel. What a view! We also met the editor of a Christian magazine and had a nice visit with him. Chick (Dr. Koop) was just saying that if we had to go home now, all that we have seen and heard so far would have made our trip most profitable! It is hard to comprehend the filth, poverty, need of the people, and the spiritual darkness - and many other things which we cannot tell you now. We just know that the Lord has His hand on us. The three of us are getting along like three peas in a pod!
Nairobi, Kenya
Friday, February 3
The more we travel, the more fantastic it becomes. We are in a beautiful hotel on a beautiful street, with the general atmosphere of Palm Beach. The bell hops and waiters are dressed in beautiful uniforms but walk around barefoot! We enjoyed our stay in Addis. We were met at the airport by Dr. Dennis Carlson and Mrs. Robert Schenck. We drove 80 miles to Mambo (where Dr. Carlson and Dr. Schenck are stationed) and spent the rest of the day seeing the hospital; we stayed there in Ambo overnight. The next morning we got up early and drove back to Addis with The Carlson Family who were leaving for a month's vacation. In Addis we stayed in the SIM Headquarters; we had conference with all the local doctors and nurses. We also had a meeting with the Minister of Health. He was very cordial and was very much interested in everything we had to say and promised full cooperation. We are all feeling fine.
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