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The C. Everett Koop Papers

CMS [Christian Medical Society] Log: News from Ray Knighton, Dr. Hemwall, and Dr. Koop pdf (96,056 Bytes) transcript of pdf
CMS [Christian Medical Society] Log: News from Ray Knighton, Dr. Hemwall, and Dr. Koop
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22-24 February 1961
Knighton, J. Raymond
Hemwall, Gus A.
Koop, C. Everett
Christian Medical Society
Reproduced with permission of the Christian Medical and Dental Society.
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Religion and Medicine
Global Health
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Biographical Information
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News from Ray Knighton, Dr. Hemwall, and Dr. Koop
Kimpese, Congo
February 22, 1961
We had an uneventful trip from Leopoldville. We were stopped only once by the Army for "papers". We travelled on the only paved road in this part of Congo, arriving here at noon. We had lunch with Gretchen and Warren Berggren who are both medical doctors . . . very wonderful folks. At 2:15 pm Ray addressed the entire School of Nursing, about 60 men and 15 women at a special Convocation. It is the first time he has spoken through an interpreter. He spoke on I Cor. 12 -- The Body of Christ. We visited part of the hospital. It is a cooperative effort of three mission societies and is doing a wonderful work -- short of help of course, as is the rest of Africa -- only worse!
A difficult case -- a pretty boy of four years of age -- is scheduled for surgery in the morning, so Chick and Gus are getting up early to perform this operation before we go back to Leopoldville.
This afternoon we visited another mission station and a large school nearby. Tonight was prayer meeting for all the missionaries. Chick was scheduled to speak but he went off to the hospital to help with an accident case so Ray spoke on "Bearing Burdens". Gus talked with one of the doctors tonight for over an hour about their needs here for nursing administration help. This is a land of many opportunities for anyone who is willing to help.
We had a fine time of fellowship with Dr. William Rule who is the Executive Secretary for the Congo Protestant Relief Agency.
En route to Kano, Nigeria
February 24, 1961
We got out of Congo all safe and sound. It was quite an experience and we all enjoyed it. Today was hot and humid and we really felt like we were in jungle climate, but Leopoldville is a very pretty city. In spite of the problems, it is well cared for -- streets are clean, grass cut, flowers blooming all over. We went to the United States Embassy and had a chance to complain because our drugs have not been moving out of Leopoldville very well.
While Ray was interviewing an official with the United Nations representative, Chick and Gus went to the Congo Radio Station. We had to get special passes, pass many guards, barbed wire, etc. The radio program is called "Port of Call" and the purpose is to interview "important visitors" to the Congo capital. We told them about the places we had visited, the purpose of our mission and especially in the Congo, what success we have had, etc. Then we told about our visit with the doctors at Kimpese, etc. The program was 15 minutes in length and in general it is called "The Voice of Congo".
In order to get our KLM flight to Kano we had to take a cab to the "Beach", ferry across the Congo River to Brazzaville, take bus to the airport, through customs and now we are in the air -- on our way to Kano. We are not arriving in Kano at our scheduled time so we are not sure if we will be met. However, we always seem to get on the right track!
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