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The Florence R. Sabin Papers

Letter from Charles A. Doan to Florence R. Sabin pdf (105,501 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Charles A. Doan to Florence R. Sabin
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1940-04-30 (April 30, 1940)
Doan, Charles A.
Sabin, Florence R.
Original Repository: Smith College. Sophia Smith Collection. Florence Rena Sabin Papers
Reproduced with permission of Ohio State University.
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At the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, 1925-1938
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Letters (correspondence)
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April 30, 1940
Dear Dr. Sabin:
I appreciate very much indeed your sending the Ferrata atlas. Also, I do not have the second edition of Cowdry's, though we do have the first. Therefore, if you have not already disposed of it, we should be very happy indeed to have those revised volumes.
You will be interested, I think, to learn that I had a long distance call from Sydney Cunningham last week, asking me if I would give the commencement address to the graduating medical school class at Albany this June. The invitation included Margaret, so I accepted entirely from the standpoint of the opportunity for a visit, with considerable trepidation in terms of creating an address. We are looking forward to meeting Sydney's new wife and I am anxious to see the medical school as he has organized it in the time since his incumbency as Dean. I shall write you of our experience and my impressions after we get back.
I am enclosing a summary of the hospital record in the case of the little boy whose blood cells and marrow you studied with us while here. My tentative analysis, together with the weighing of the various points in the evidence, is presented in the letter which I forwarded to the referring physician. If you have any further comments, please do not fail to send them on.
I am sending under separate cover the section on therapy for the hematological dyscrasias which has just appeared in the new System of Modern Medical Therapy, edited by Dr. Barr, thinking you might perhaps be casually interested in this inventory from the standpoint of the Sabin school of thought. If you care to glance it through, I should be interested in any comments you might have to make, inasmuch as I am working on an expansion, at the present time, of this type of presentation in conjunction with Dr. Wiseman, and hope to present within the next year, an organized elaboration covering the whole field of hematology, both fundamental and clinical as it relates to physiologic processes and medicine in general.
I continue to receive letters from the various individuals who were here for the post-graduate work, and all invariably express their genuine appreciation for the opportunity of seeing and hearing you.
I suspect you may be turning your thoughts toward the summer excursion to Alaska. I am sure you till have a most delightful experience.
I was invited last week to come to Colorado in September and participate in the next annual state medical meeting, which was a great temptation, inasmuch as it would have provided another chance perhaps for a visit with you, but previous plans call for my being in New England at that time so that I had to turn down the invitation regretfully.
All here send their affectionate greetings.
As always,
Charles A. Doan, M.D.
Professor of Medicine
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