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The Florence R. Sabin Papers

[Sabin's outlined plan for reorganizing the Colorado State Department of Health] pdf (183,227 Bytes) transcript of pdf
[Sabin's outlined plan for reorganizing the Colorado State Department of Health]
Sabin chaired the Health Committee of the Colorado Post-War Planning Committee. The reorganization of the State Department of Health was one of the measures recommended by the committee.
Item is handwritten.
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Sabin, Florence R.
Original Repository: Smith College. Sophia Smith Collection. Florence Rena Sabin Papers
Reproduced with permission of Geraldine F. Swan.
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Public Health
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Sabin's Third Career: Public Health in Colorado, 1939-1951
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Legal documents
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TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Pages 1 and 2 are handwritten. Page 3 is a typewritten copy of pages 1-2. The following is a transcription of page 3, which doubles as a transcription of pages 1 and 2.]
State Public Health Bill
Sec. 1. Title
Sec. 2. Department of Public Health
Sec. 3. State Board of Health
a. Creation and Appointment -- 9 members (no business or professional group shall constitute a majority)
b. Organization
c. Organization -- Meetings -- Compensation.
Sec. 4. Division of Administration
a. State Director -- Appointment -- Qualifications.
b. Other personnel appointed by director subject to Civil Service laws.
Sec. 5. Powers and Duties of State Department of Public Health.
1. Powers heretofore vested in Division of Public Health
2. Powers heretofore vested in Secretary of Board of Health
3. Epidemics
4. Quarantine
5. Close Theatres -- Schools, etc.
6. Abate Nuisances
7. Establish sanitary standards for water -- effluent -- and to advise.
8. Vital statistics
9. Interment of dead
10. Laboratories
11. Diagnostic Tests
Ask -- 12. Vaccines and Serum
13. Impound vegetables
14. License and enforce standard hospitals
15. Health inspection of state institutions
16. Sanitary aspects of milk
17. Standards of slaughtering.
18. Public Health Information
19. Enforce laws -- Barbers -- Cosmetology -- Food -- Restaurants -- Mattresses and Bedding -- Plumbing. -- Funeral Director
Sec. 6. Powers of Board of Health
1. Determine policies
2. Advisory capacity
3. Establish subdivision
4. Issue orders
5. Hold hearings
6. Establish advisory Committees
a. Milk -- Livestock
b. Hospitals
7. Receive funds
Functions of Director
Sec. 7. a. Carry out 19 functions of department -- administer and enforce published laws.
b. Exercise all powers not delegated to Board of Health
c. Hold hearings
Sec. 8. Transferring -- Functions
Sec. 9. Revenues
a. No revenues or license collecting functions -- except.
Sec 10. Legal advisor -- Attorney General
Sec. 11. Judicial Review of Decisions.
Sec. 12. Penalties -- all professional employees must give full time to work and prohibited from earning extra money.
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