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The Florence R. Sabin Papers

Basic Health Needs of Colorado pdf (261,555 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Basic Health Needs of Colorado
Public information pamphlet explaining what needs to be done, and why, and warning citizens that legislators will try to prevent the passage of the bills.
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ca. 1946
Sabin, Florence R.
American Public Health Association
Special Health Committee of the Colorado Congress of Parents and Teachers
Original Repository: Smith College. Sophia Smith Collection. Florence Rena Sabin Papers
Reproduced with permission of the American Public Health Association.
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Public Health
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Sabin's Third Career: Public Health in Colorado, 1939-1951
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Summarized from the Recommendations of Dr. Florence Sabin and her State Health Committee
Based on the Survey by Dr. Carl Buck, Field Director of the American Public Health Assn.
Many of the following health needs of Colorado require legislative action. These are points 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12 and 14. The bills for their achievement are being formulated and will be introduced in the coming session of the legislature.
Study the bills, when they are publicized, and let your legislators know that you want laws embracing 'the important points incorporated in these bills as introduced. Do not let them be "pressured" into accepting amendments which will mate the bills worse than useless.
Doctor Sabin and her health committee are relying on the people of Colorado and their legislators to make possible a fine health future for Colorado.
Basic Health Needs
1. The Department of Health should consist of a Board of Health and a State Director of Public Health and his staff. It should not be under the direct control of the Governor.
2. The Civil Service Commission should be strengthened through increased appropriations. This would enable them to procure an adequate staff and thus cooperate more effectively with the Department of Health in supplying properly qualified professional personnel.
3. Full-time local health departments with full-time health officers and staffs are needed in county, city-county, or multiple-county units throughout the state.
4. The State Board of Health should be composed of nine members, three appointed each two years for a six-year term. They should be appointed by the Governor on a non-partisan basis, and should receive no remuneration except expenses.
5. The Director of Public Health should be a graduate of a Class "A" medical school, should have had one year of post-graduate work in an accredited school of public health, should be licensed or eligible to secure license to practice medicine in Colorado, and have at least three years of successful administrative experience in public health work. He should not be a member of the Board of Health, but he should enforce all health laws and rules and regulations of the board.
6. A state-wide pasteurization law, effective two years from its passage, and a standard labeling and grading act are needed to assure safe milk and milk products for Colorado. Legislation relative to calfhood vaccination and Bang's testing of Dairy Cattle is being considered by the Colorado and Denver Dairy Associations in cooperation with Doctor Sabin and her health committee.
7. A 100 bed Hospital for Tuberculosis is needed in connection with Colorado General Hospital for teaching, research, and a more effective control of tuberculosis by the Public Health Department as the first step in improving and increasing opportunities for the diagnosis, treatment, and hospitalization of tuberculosis patients throughout the state.
8. Colorado needs safe, potable water supplies and adequate, sanitary sewage systems, and sewage disposal.
9. Colorado should finance the training of public health personnel, either in the state or outside of the state, to insure a constant source of personnel supply.
10. The Department of Health should have a division of health education directed by a trained health educator. The Department should also have a well-trained nutritionist.
11. A School of Public Health should eventually be established in the University of Colorado, with a Field Training Center in the state. Such a school would need the cooperation of a sound, progressive department of health.
12. Adequate appropriations should be procured and maintained for the Colorado Medical School and its Hospitals.
13. A more effective relationship needs to be worked out between the Colorado Medical School and the Denver General Hospital.
14. Appropriations for public health at present are less than ten cents per capita. A more adequate proportion of tax funds is needed to raise the standard of health in Colorado. Modern preventive methods, better salaries, opportunities for advancement, and retirement pensions will help to bring desired results.
Doctor Sabin and representatives of her committee will be in your community sometime during the fall and winter months to discuss in public meetings, the bills they are sponsoring in the next legislature. You are urged to watch for announcements of the meeting in your community and to attend and give your support.
Recommendation for Increased Hospital Facilities will be made later, when a special survey now under way, is completed. An enabling act, to permit Colorado to accept funds to be appropriated by the Federal Government for hospital construction, will be introduced in the next state legislature.
Summary by The Special Health Committee Of The Colorado Congress Of Parents And Teachers
Mrs. Victor Drake, Chairman
Mrs. J.S. Lee
Mrs. A.A. Wearner
To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, church and community.
To raise the standards of home life.
To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth.
To bring into closer relation the home and the school that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the training of the child.
To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education.
Sophia Smith Research Room
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