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The Florence R. Sabin Papers

Letter from Florence R. Sabin to Ella Strong Denison pdf (168,823 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Florence R. Sabin to Ella Strong Denison
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1924-03-28 (March 28, 1924)
Sabin, Florence R.
Denison, Ella Strong
Original Repository: Smith College. Sophia Smith Collection. Florence Rena Sabin Papers
Reproduced with permission of Geraldine F. Swan.
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On the Faculty at 'The Hopkins', 1902-1925
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Letters (correspondence)
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March 28, 1924
My dear Mrs. Denison,
Has Mary told you all the excitement about my new plans. I am really very happy over the decision to go to New York. It shows me that Dr. Flexner is really in earnest in thinking that we have opened the subject of blood up to the experimental attack. I think that we have too; at least we know what to do and for the present how to go about it. I shall be very anxious to take Dr. Cunningham also because we work so well together. The problem about him is that he is really ready for an independent position so it may not be possible to get him enough of an assurance in New York in case anything happened to Dr. Flexner or to me. He really cares more about the research than he does about teaching. His abilities are in research and in organization. For myself I have become so interested in this problem that the teaching is harder than it used to be. At any rate I am glad to turn it over to younger hands. The position in New York is for me a permanent one with a pension for life adequate to live on when I retire. Of course it puts off retiring for some time, at any rate for ten years if my vim lasts.
It is real exciting about Carlita's car. I hope that she will enjoy hers as much as I do mine. I changed my Christmas present from you to two silver spoons. I shall go on to complete my dozen through Miss Ireland. She has the nicest little shop for oriental things. I fall from economy every once in a while when she has something especially nice.
Mrs. Hoffmann has put her house up for sale. She has bought a little piece of land in the country and is going to build when she can sell her house. I do not think that it will be soon. In the block north of us there have been about twelve houses for rent or sale all winter. I should prefer not to move for the one year, but it won't make a great deal of difference. I shall hope to stay where I am until summer and then leave my things in storage while I am away and find something in the Fall. I shall look for a little apartment in Roland Park out by the Hookers.
The Scientific Meetings are in Buffalo April 16 to 19. I shall have to go as I am to take part in a Symposium on blood. The ninth of April I am to give a talk on the same subject before the Yale Medical Club. I shall be sure to see the Harkness Memorial Building this time. I am looking forward to the visit in New Haven. Some time in April I have to go to Washington to the meeting of the Association of University Women. I am not much interested but have been made delegate from the University. When I get to New York I shall hope to join the Women's University Club. I think that the difficulty about the general association is that there isn't enough of an interest to hold them all together. Miss Thomas ought to put some life in to the organization however. Her major interest now is International good will and the League of Nations. I think that he is really keeping her hands off the College entirely and that Miss Park is succeeding very well.
One of the men in the Laboratory is a great gardener, a Dr. Langworthy and we have bought a lot of seeds together and are going to plant the Hooker hill with flowers, we are to start in on Sunday. Some mornings we expect to go out early, that is Sundays, have a picnic breakfast on the hill and work.
Florence Sabin
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