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The Florence R. Sabin Papers

Letter from Rudolph J. Anderson to Florence R. Sabin pdf (124,488 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Rudolph J. Anderson to Florence R. Sabin
Item is handwritten.
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1928-04-30 (April 30, 1928)
Anderson, Rudolph J.
Sabin, Florence R.
Original Repository: American Philosophical Society. Library. Florence R. Sabin Papers
Courtesy of the American Philosophical Society.
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At the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, 1925-1938
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Anderson, Rudolph J., #13
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Letters (correspondence)
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Dear Doctor Sabin:
I am sending you under separate cover a sample of palmitic acid. I don't know the origin of this acid but it was purchased from Eastman Kodak Co. Judging by the melting point it is fairly pure.
I have found another liquid saturated fatty acid from another fraction of the T.B. wax. The substance differs slightly in properties from the other samples that you have received--the optical rotation of this new acid is decidedly higher. I should like very much to provide you a small sample for experimental purposes if [you] can use it. The time before vacations begin is growing short but I should like very much to learn something about the biological behavior of this acid in comparison with the others.
I have to go to Philadelphia on Tuesday night to be on hand for harvesting nearly 2000 cultures of avian [tuberculosis] bacilli on Wednesday. On my way back from Philadelphia I will stop in to see you in New York and will bring a sample of the acid with me.
Very sincerely,
Rudolph J. Anderson
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