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The Florence R. Sabin Papers

Letter from Florence R. Sabin to Robert S. Cunningham pdf (174,998 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Florence R. Sabin to Robert S. Cunningham
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1935-05-06 (May 6, 1935)
Sabin, Florence R.
Cunningham, Robert S.
Original Repository: American Philosophical Society. Library. Florence R. Sabin Papers
Reproduced with permission of Geraldine F. Swan.
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At the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, 1925-1938
Metadata Record Letter from Robert S. Cunningham to Florence R. Sabin (May 2, 1935) pdf (76,928 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Cunningham, Robert S., #2
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Letters (correspondence)
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May 6, 1935
Dear Robert,
Thanks so much for the receipt for the salad dressing. I shall try it and know that I shall enjoy it.
Your report of the experiments on lymphatics are most interesting, but what a shame about the rabies. I know that it is no joke to take those injections. They become pretty uncomfortable if not painful as I remember from Mr. Snowdon's experience in Baltimore years ago.
Don't forget to send the pictures of yourself for I shall be most happy to have them. In a few days I shall send you a copy of my ten years report. Please read it and then return it to me. I have only four copies two of which have to go to my Board, then I shall keep one and send the other around to the main people like yourself who have helped me to find the students. I shall appreciate your opinion as to whether we have done well or not. I think that Mrs. Denison will eventually give the whole fund to two Universities, part to the Hopkins and part to the Ithaca Cornell where Henry prepared for the Hopkins. I think that the Ithaca Cornell is at very low ebb at the present time except in the Agricultural College and I suppose that the Medical School at the Hopkins has fallen from its original estate as well as taking lower rank because other places have come up. I have become philosophical about that, it seems to me that all Universities live on a curve, with ups when there are enough outstanding men on the facilities and downs when their numbers become too few but that the main thing is to have good work going on somewhere in the country or even in the world. It seems to me that at the present time there is fine medical work going on in this country in widely scattered places. Vanderbilt certainly has a good record. Dr. Rous is very enthusiastic about Dr. Beard and he is now very much cheered up over the prospects for next year.
Dr. Geiger has lots of courage over going back to what is practically an internship. He is to be with a very good surgeon and he has never wavered from his interest in bones and joints. I wonder if he ever wrote to you how his problem came out in regard to the supposed mix up in his R and S inoculations. Dr. Smithburn finally found out that the avian S strain lost its virulence entirely without any change in its colony form. Dr. Geiger's experiments over the four years with this strain show very nicely this progressive loss of virulence. I think that the two will publish this in a joint paper this spring. That was the difficulty, not a mix up in the inoculations. You see when the S animals had less virulence that the R in the original experiment Dr. Geiger could not believe his eyes and thought that he must have made a mistake in his cultures. I am glad that I came out all right finally. He will finish up part of his work done here this spring and take the rest with him. He is to start at the Hospital in June on account of the fact that Dr. Wilson is to be shorthanded then and will have his vacation in September. I should have preferred to have had him have a good vacation before starting in the new work. Dr. Geiger is very happy in his marriage and Mrs. Geiger is making a great success of her work at the Dalton School. She also has a place to teach at a summer camp this year as last. It is a good camp and is a vacation for her as well as a chance to earn money. She will be entirely self-supporting and they have taken an apartment very near his new hospital so that they can be together as much as possible.
Eileen came over to the Institute the day before she sailed. It is fine that she has made such a success of her work and that it has won such recognition.
Congratulations on the new lymphatic work; it sounds very exciting, but do be careful over the rabies.
Cordially yours,
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