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The Florence R. Sabin Papers

Letter from Robert S. Cunningham to Florence R. Sabin pdf (64,093 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Robert S. Cunningham to Florence R. Sabin
Along with more professional news, in this letter, Cunningham sent his old friend a new cocktail recipe.
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1934-05-26 (May 26, 1934)
Cunningham, Robert S.
Sabin, Florence R.
Original Repository: American Philosophical Society. Library. Florence R. Sabin Papers
Courtesy of the American Philosophical Society.
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At the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, 1925-1938
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Cunningham, Robert S., #2
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Letters (correspondence)
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May 26, 1934
Dear Dr. Sabin:
I shall be tremendously interested in your reports. I have thought perhaps some time I might make a similar compilation, but it requires a considerable length of time to obtain such data and one hardly knows where to begin or end in a department such as I have. There are so many overlaps of men who have worked with me and with others, that it is difficult to determine which should be looked upon as the primary control in the matter. I think, however, I shall compile such a list for my own edification, and discuss it with you some time when we have a chance to be together. It looks now as if I would not be East this summer, although one never can tell what may develop.
I am very busy finishing up my Cincinnati lectures, and after that will get back full tilt to the book.
Here is a new cocktail for you to try. Take equal parts of gin, French Vermouth, Italian Vermouth, Grand Manier and orange juice, add the juice of one lime to each cocktail, a dash of Orange Bitters, and the white of half an egg (which should be beaten just a little, but not hard, before mixing). This mixture should be shaken with ice, but not allowed to stand. Drain quickly into cocktail glasses and consume with gusto. I have named it, "The White Devil".
There is no particular news here, but things are progressing reasonably well.
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