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The Florence R. Sabin Papers

Letter from Florence R. Sabin to Robert S. Cunningham pdf (112,660 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Florence R. Sabin to Robert S. Cunningham
Sabin wrote to tell Cunningham, a former research fellow, about further developments at the Rockefeller Institute, especially getting Dr. Flexner's approval for her planned research.
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1925-09-22 (September 22, 1925)
Sabin, Florence R.
Cunningham, Robert S.
Original Repository: American Philosophical Society. Library. Florence R. Sabin Papers
Reproduced with permission of Geraldine F. Swan.
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At the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, 1925-1938
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Cunningham, Robert S., #11
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Letters (correspondence)
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Sept. 22, 1925.
Dear Robert,
Well we had our conference with Dr. Flexner this morning and both Dr. Doan and I are enthusiastic over it. As a result he has asked us to present our program at the first staff conference, which I think shows that he was interested.
First and foremost I talked about the work on tuberculosis and explained fully about the relationship both to you and to the National Tuberculosis society. He said that he would be delighted to have us go on with it, and agreed fully to the idea that if we got something promising we could invite you to come up next spring for joint work. I told him that you would go on with the study of the effects of the fractions from Johnston's work and that we should start in on an antimonocytic serum similar to his anti lymphatic serum. I told him about my idea of using the goat, he agreed that the goat was not susceptible but he advised us to use roosters at the start and then inject the serum into rabbits. He fully agreed to the idea of the joint work with you on the TB with entire frankness between us so that there would be no troubles. He saw how fine Dr. White's point of view was and I shall hope that Dr. White will come up here sometime to talk things over.
In connections with this work on the antimonocytic serum we want also to work on the tissue culture of the monocytes, and also plan to get our excess of monocytes from peritoneal exudates after repeated injections of blood so that we have two sources, in fact we have in mind three sources, the tissue culture, the peritoneal exudates and tubercular lungs such as we had in TB 16.
Then we showed him Doan's gelatinous marrow on which our plan is to get enough of the gelatinous marrow to try some experiments in stimulating the red cells. He also agreed to that and is going to give us adequate chemical help for getting the marrow extracted. Those experiments can run along with the TB ones for both have periods of waiting.
Then Doan told of his two new papers on the matching of the white blood cells and his new stimulant for the whites and then Dr. Flexner's eyes did really open. He was enthusiastic and really Doan has done wonderful work this year. Dr. Flexner said wonderful to him three or four times. I will leave these things for Dr. Doan to tell you himself.
Kindwall was here to-day and is going back enthusiastic to try the 15 minute counts on the cells from the thoracic duct; that is very important from our present standpoint. In the mean time the first thing Doan and I do is to make a lot of punctures of lymph glands get more thoroughly familiar with lymphocytes and check up on McJunkin's idea of their being monocytes in the lymphatic sinuses. Have you read the paper yet.
Your folder marked FRS in the file will get pretty full I foresee.
Very cordially yours,
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