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The Francis Crick Papers

Letter from Francis Crick to Alexander Rich pdf (70,552 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Francis Crick to Alexander Rich
In 1967, two years after the date of this letter, Crick, Sydney Brenner, and Alan Garen determined that the amber and ochre codons mentioned in the last paragraph (the triplets UAG and UAA, respectively) signal the termination of the polypeptide chain. They were called nonsense codons because it became clear from experiments with certain phage mutants that they do not specify any amino acid during protein synthesis. The names amber and ochre were assigned to them randomly by researchers.
NOTE: The date was mistakenly typed as "7th January 1964." The actual date of this letter is 7 January 1965.
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7 January 1965
Crick, Francis
Rich, Alexander
Original Repository: Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine. Francis Harry Compton Crick Papers
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Reproduced with permission of the Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine.
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Deciphering the Genetic Code, 1958-1966
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Folder: William T Sedgwick Memorial Lecture, MIT
7th January, 1964.
Dear Alex,
Thank you for your letter of 4th January. I have noted what you say about the William T. Sedgwick Memorial Lecture. The title is perfectly satisfactory. I also note that there is a dinner attached to it.
About social arrangements, I wrote to Jim yesterday about another matter and as I had not heard from you I suggested that he should coordinate the various invitations. I am willing to fall in with any reasonable arrangements you make between you. On your specific questions, I think it would be easier for everyone if I stayed at an hotel (I asked Jim to find me one). I would certainly like to come to Walter Rosenblith's party on the Saturday evening.
It would be nice to have the direction of messenger reading cleared up. Sydney and the others are working hard trying to discover the codon for the amber and ochre mutants. We have a good idea what they are and perhaps by the time I reach M.I.T. we shall know rather more definitely.
F. H. C. Crick
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