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The Francis Crick Papers

Letter from Francis Crick to James D. Watson pdf (213,546 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Francis Crick to James D. Watson
Page two of the letter refers to the neurobiologists David H. Hubel and Torsten N. Wiesel, as well as to Crick's son Michael Crick, who after pursuing a doctorate in neurophysiology at Harvard Medical School in the early 1960s, had become a software engineer at a Boston computer consulting firm.
NOTE: The date was mistakenly typed as "7th January 1964." The actual date of this letter is 7 January 1965.
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7 January 1965
Crick, Francis
Watson, James D.
Original Repository: Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine. Francis Harry Compton Crick Papers
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Reproduced with permission of the Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine.
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Deciphering the Genetic Code, 1958-1966
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Letters (correspondence)
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Folder: William T Sedgwick Memorial Lecture, MIT
7th January, 1964.
Dear Jim,
I wonder if you could act as my "host" while I am in the Boston area. I have a plane reservation on BEA 561 which arrives in Boston at l.40 pm on the 19th January. Of course, at this time of year flights are likely to be delayed by bad weather. I had planned to motor up to Amherst on the morning of Thursday 21st, and give a seminar there that afternoon and a lecture in the evening. They are putting me up for the night and I would motor back on the morning of Friday 22nd in time to give a general talk at M.I.T. sometime later that day provided Alex has arranged it.
A young lady called Sarah Smith from Smith has, at your suggestion, asked me to have tea with beautiful young women during my visit to Amherst. I have written back to say that it might be possible for me to motor up after lunch on Wednesday 20th January and visit them before I go to Amherst, provided someone in that area could put me up for Wednesday night. I have asked here to keep a touch with you and that I will fall in with any plans that you and she may make. It had occurred to me that you might care to come and join the tea party!
I have to give a lecture at Chicago on Thursday 28th January at 3 pm. Probably the most sensible thing to do would be to fly there late on the Wednesday, as this would give me a little time to spare if the weather is bad. I also want to see Bob Haselkorn and the other people there.
Could you arrange for me to have somewhere to stay in between these dates. That is, for the night of Tuesday 19th and possibly for Wednesday 20th, and from the night of Friday 22nd to Tuesday 26th inclusive. The motel in which you put me up last time was very satisfactory but any central hotel will do.
Could you also exercise some control over my social engagements. Apart from the obvious people I shall also want to visit Hubel and Wiesel, and of course see something of Michael. I am sure I can leave the rest to you.
I hope this is not too much trouble. If you are not going to be at Harvard during this period would you send me a cable so that I can make other arrangements. I was very glad to see that you are going to the Ciba Foundation in June. I also hear that you may be spending a sabbatical in Europe. Will you be spending the summer over here? Odile is considering taking a villa for August in Capri. Would care to visit us there and come sailing in our boat? Incidentally we are looking for someone to take over the villa for the last three weeks of September (assuming we can find a suitable one). If you would like to rent a villa there for that period let me or Odile know as soon as possible. Alternatively we could discuss it when we meet.
Incidentally, Odile will not be coming to Harvard on this trip but will be flying direct to California.
Best wishes from us both,
F. H. C. Crick
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