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The Francis Crick Papers

Letter from Igor Y. Tamm to Francis Crick pdf (67,820 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Igor Y. Tamm to Francis Crick
Crick met the theoretical physicist and Nobel Laureate Igor Tamm at the Third International Congress of Biochemistry in Moscow in August 1961, and credited him with helping to free biology in the Soviet Union from the influence of Trofim Lysenko, who had held that heredity is not based on chromosomes or genes and that acquired characteristics can be passed on to offspring. In his letter Tamm declared that he was "very proud to be the first person in my country who began to lecture on your theory [of DNA and the genetic code] in 1956."
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1962-11-09 (November 9, 1962)
Tamm, Igor Y.
Crick, Francis
Original Repository: Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine. Francis Harry Compton Crick Papers
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Reproduced with permission of Evgeniy I. Tamm.
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Genetic Code
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The Discovery of the Double Helix, 1951-1953
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Dear Prof. Crick,
I was extremely happy to learn that you were awarded the Nobel Prize. I am very late in congratulating you, but I just returned from Caucasus to Moscow, and, as our saying goes, it is better late than never.
Yours is certainly one of the greatest scientific achievements of our century. It was marvellous to follow the development of your ideas from the paper on spiral structures in Journal of Crystallography and up to your experiments on phage T-4.
I am very proud to be the first person in my country who began to lecture on your theory in 1956.
Let us hope, that the practical applications of your theory, which will be certainly of the utmost importance, will contribute not to the detriment, but to the benefit of humanity.
I am very grateful for the preprints you are sending me and hope very much to receive them also in the future.
Kind regards. Yours sincerely
(Ig. Tamm)
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