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The Mary Lasker Papers

Letter from Mary Lasker to Florence Mahoney pdf (194,611 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Mary Lasker to Florence Mahoney
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1955-10-04 (October 4, 1955)
[Lasker, Mary]
Mahoney, Florence
Original Repository: Columbia University. Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Mary Lasker Papers
Reproduced with permission of the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation.
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Folder: Mahoney, Florence
October 4th, 1955
Florence dear,
Under separate cover I am sending you a copy of the latest edition of Cecil and Loeb's Textbook of Medicine. As you will notice, there is a description of angina on page 1321, which is what Margaret seems to be suffering from, as well as a discussion of arteriosclerosis beginning on page 1399. I thought it would be useful for you to have it.
I have sent you the name of a Japanese doctor, but we will check to see if there is anybody else who might know about the use of anticoagulants in Tokyo.
All my thanks, darling, for your fine letter from the boat. I am certainly worried about what you say about Margaret's condition, especially if she has already had three coronary attacks, and feel you should be near someone who could get her into a hospital and give her anticoagulants in case she needs this.
Jessie has not been well herself. She has a rare type of anemia which makes her depressed and upset, and I imagine this is why she didn't get back in time to see Margaret before she left. I can understand her not being for anticoagulants on a long boat trip, as if Margaret got out of balance, she might conceivably hemorrhage, and this would be hard to control on a boat without a knowledgeable doctor on board.
Jessie did give us some estrogen to send airmail to Margaret at Manila. Did she receive it? I have also talked to Dr. Pincus, who, as you know, is not a clinician, but he says he will bring some estrogen for her, too, in case you did not get the other. I am just praying that everything goes well and that she does not get sick while you are in Japan.
I spoke to George K. last Saturday night, and he sounded fine, but we both complained about how much we missed you to each other. He thinks that George Babbitt has departed for Tokyo as he has not been able to get him on the phone. I told him you would be horrified if this were true, as it would be a terrible bore for you, and I reassured him that you would really not like it at all for Brother Babbitt to come. I hope this is going to turn out to be adequate and that he does not get too upset.
Well, the Eisenhower heart attack has really alerted the world to the fact that there is such a condition. I have just talked to Paul White about saying that we need more money for research, and have tried to arrange for the Associated Press to query him on it tonight. Of course, all need for research has been left out of the articles so far - also the fact that White had testified for much more money than we got for the National Heart Institute.
Pearson used this on the air Sunday and is also using it in his column tomorrow morning as a result of a little cooperation from Mike Gorman.
Folsom, the new Secretary of HEW, is going to see the Budget early this week on the Institutes of Health, so maybe it will help to punch the figures up. It is really hell that you are away, as you could do so much to get everyone to write about it, and especially Doris. Mike says that Pearson is really interested, so I hope it will help.
Believe it or not, I went to Ebbets Field to see the Brooklyn Dodgers-Yankees World Series game on Saturday with Marie and Averell Harriman. It was really wonderful that the Dodgers won that day. Averell seemed fine, but as a public figure, he does not seem to exude as much warmth as Stevenson. He is very pleased about Hoch so far.
I had lunch with Hoch ten days ago. He seems to have really gotten on top of the situation, but as usual is afraid to ask for the kind of money needed to turn the job into a triumph and to turn it more quickly.
Both he and Herman Hilleboe have asked me to go on their respective councils, but I think it probably would be best if I keep off of them both, but I will let you know further on this matter.
Edward and Betty Lasker arrived in town, and I went with them the opening of the new Arthur Miller play, "A View From The Bridge", starring Van Heflin, last week. Heflin was terrific.
Now, Francie and Sidney Brody have arrived for a few days, so you can see I am full of Family Life.
I have sent the check against your household account and also the $1,000 to Margaret for the translations that you wrote me she needed for the Conference.
Bill Donovan brought Paul Spaak, the Foreign Minister of Belgium, to see me on Friday night just after the debate in the U.N. He tried to save the French from walking out of the U.N., but as you probably know, he was unsuccessful. Such goings-on and how crazy can some countries get!
At the U.N. dinner the week before last, Anna and I had a table and guess who sat between us? The Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia - Kuznetsov. He really is something! He agreed, "Yes - our attitude has changed - but not our policy!" I will tell you more about what he said when I see you.
WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR RETURNING? Are you going to meet me in Kansas City or before? Please let me know.
I am delighted you liked the blouses and skirt. I hope they all fitted. I am busy adding to my wardrobe and hope some of it will be successful.
If you would like to buy a camera as a Thanksgiving present from me and will take colored pictures of Japan, I will be delighted to give it to you. How about it? Let me know. I think it is only fair that you should take pictures to show me.
Much love to you, darling, and take care of yourself. Write me a diary of notes so I will know what you are seeing and thinking!
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