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The Mary Lasker Papers

Letter from Mary Lasker to Florence Mahoney pdf (88,312 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Mary Lasker to Florence Mahoney
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1944-07-31 (July 31, 1944)
[Lasker, Mary]
Mahoney, Florence
Original Repository: Columbia University. Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Mary Lasker Papers
Reproduced with permission of the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation.
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Series I
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Folder: Mahoney, Florence
July 31, 1944
Florence dear,
I am so happy to hear from you, and have been meaning to write to you every day for weeks!
I am so glad that everything seems to be well at your ranch and that Constance is taking care of you as well as she did when we were there!
I had lunch with Albert Deutsch the other day, and we were discussing the Mental Hygiene Bill which will come up before Congress in the fall. You must help us work on it! I finally got a copy of his book and will read it. He is really quite a guy. What about having some of the Cox-Mahoney papers use his stuff as a syndicate? He really is the best writer in the medical field that there is.
I am sending you a copy of "Liberty" with a piece on cancer in it that I got Emerson Foote stirred up to have done. It seems to me that some material of this sort could be used by your columnist, Miss Ballard, on the "News."
I am also sending you a book about population which has some good parts in it about birth control--look them up in the index.
Also, I am having sent to you the Proceedings of the Brief Psychotherapy Council Meeting, which I told you about. Read especially the section on children with acute feeding problems. And be sure to read Grinker's report in the section on War Psychiatry. It is wonderful!
The movie "Wilson" is opening tomorrow night, and I believe Governor Cox is coming to see it at Mr. Willkie's invitation. We are all going to the opening and the Willkies are having a dinner party at The Cottage at Hampshire House beforehand. Everybody from us to Dr. Kung, the Chinese Finance Minister, seems to be coming - so it may be fun.
I will talk to the Governor about a mental health clinic for Atlanta, as you suggested, when I see him.
What has happened to the little girl near you who needed penicillin? Did she ever get it? Is she still alive?
I don't know whether the National Committee's annual report was out before you left. In any case, I am sending you one. I never knew Clifford Beers, but he certainly had a great deal of vision.
We had Philip Wylie and his wife, Moss Hart, Mrs. LeRoy, and the Winstons for dinner the other night. They were both very quiet. Actually they both spoke so softly that Albert could barely hear them. I thought they were both very attractive and hope to get to see them again and get better acquainted. Perhaps the combination of people was wrong.
Frances Brody is fine. Her husband has received the Bronze Star for the work he did in Normandy.
Isn't the war going wonderfully?
When will you be back in town? We miss you!
Have you read "Anna and the King of Siam"? It is a charming retreat from life in our times.
Write to us!
Best love to you dear.
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