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The Mary Lasker Papers

Letter from Florence Mahoney to Mary Lasker pdf (174,813 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Florence Mahoney to Mary Lasker
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[Mahoney, Florence]
[Lasker, Mary]
Original Repository: Columbia University. Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Mary Lasker Papers
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Letters (correspondence)
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Folder: Mahoney, Florence
Dearest Mary;
So much to tell you so will just bring diary when I come. Then it seems have forgotten how to write letters . . . and you?????
Are you having fun and getting any rest. It is good someone stays home and keeps in touch. All of our friends in the Congress ask for you all of the time and me if I am away for more than a few days.
Thank you too for the book . . . It was an excellent selection. "Those people" almost never left. They finally went to N.Y. last week so I stayed here to get caught up with work. They now in California and called all across the country while flying back. Both very amusing.
The McCarthy censure kept the galleries full and the whole thing very exciting and something to be seen once in a life time. Will bring record for the most thrilling night when McC denounced Cooper . . . Fulbright etc. The debate went on for days.
I had planned on going to the farm last week when Dan'l and Jean telephoned and wanted to come for the weekend ere I left . . . seems they were looking for a night of air-conditioned sleep after a heat wave in the middle West. I didn't have the courage to say I would not be here and they did not have time to go to the farm, so I stayed. They got here at 11 P.M. Friday P.M. and had to leave at 9 Sunday P.M. they are fine and we had a lovely time. Cooper was here Friday P.M. came by after dinner to introduce a friend to me . . . then I sat up with the children until about 2. Saturday we went to the Senate for lunch with Smathers and several others and Jean saw the Senate in session. Then I asked some people for cocktails and all came and stayed for supper . . . very gay . . . some young and some old. Sen. and Mrs. Milliken came early . . . he in snappy white suit . . . the Mansfields . . . Mike Monronev . . . Scoop . . . the Fulbrights . . . Russell . . . Sen. Bush (he Jean's godfather or her sister's) and . . . Sen. Thye . . . the Scottie Restins . . . Bill White of the New York Times . . . Doris Sr. and Jr. etc. The young stayed down in yard on terrace, (it was cool for a change) and the others sat upstairs and ate off trays and on floor and discussed the week of McCarthyism. The Restins had a 1st cousin of Iphogine Sultzberger with them. Sen. Thye calls me Florence and seems to have a lovely time. Then yesterday the Drew Pearsons had a party at their country place . . . swimming and sit down supper on terrace with most beautiful view in Wash. High up over the Potomac. Thurman Arnold and Justice Black and lawyer Randolph Paul plus some young at my table and the conversation very interesting. Arnold is always thus. Came to town with the Hennings for the children had come in for plane. Hennings says no one can come close to Mr. S. for the nomination in 56.
I am very sad not to have got to farm for the week of meditation . . . but decided it best I stay at home and get work caught up with. Even have a dress maker flying some things. I will sleep 8 hours every night though and be rested. The Irish minister and Mrs. Brennan, whom I met with the Mansfields are coming for tea and tell me what to see and do in Dublin.
Present reservations are to fly this Sat. from N. Y. at 6 and arrive in Shannon Sunday AM at 11. Have cabled Cecilia to meet me . . . we will drive to Dublin or go via bus and see sites en route . Then I have reservation out of Dublin on Fri. Aug. 20 to fly to Paris and pick up TWA plane there at 12:15 P.M. arriving at Milan at 3:40 P.M. on the 20th. I could have got a TWA plane straight from Dublin to Milan on Sat 21st, but said I would be in Milan on the 20th so that is how it stands. Always reliable regardless of your deprecation of my character (re plans and reservations.)
Seriously it was difficult making reservations the way I wanted to go . . . Seems few planes stop at Shannon and go onto Milan etc.
I do miss you horribly and keep thinking how it looks from the balcony Ville d Este . . . and can't believe it will still be there.
Have been trying to get Psychiatrist out of Air Force to run psy. dept. at Okla. medical school . . . trying to get family of doctor in from Australia for Dr. Magoun's man Dr. Adey . . . got girl back in Idaho . . . now Martha Marsh has had another small tumor, not negative, removed from same side she had mammary radical. And so upset about it and trying to get her to come here or go to N. Y.
Going out to Bethesda tomorrow to have lunch with Boyle and have a new blood check. Saw Herman for a long time the other day . . . We had good visit and his friends there in office all very chatty and friendly. They determined on construction. Launching today with Sen. Jackson . . . he asked me to come down for dinner last P.M. (night session) but stayed home to work. He is very nice and is tired and seems to worry about his health.
Must go now and cable me from time to time . . . will be right here until Sat. getting rugs up for cleaning and etc. You will be proud of my endeavors.
Best love to you and hope you being highly entertained and are resting.
Monday . . . started this and finished Tues. A.M.
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