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The Mary Lasker Papers

Letter from Florence Mahoney to Mary Lasker pdf (205,586 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Florence Mahoney to Mary Lasker
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[Mahoney, Florence]
[Lasker, Mary]
Original Repository: Columbia University. Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Mary Lasker Papers
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Series I
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Folder: Mahoney, Florence
Sunday 28th.
Mary darling;
Such fun to have your postal collection in letter form . . . and to hear from you. Everything looks so pretty and green. Wish could be with you. Avalon looks enchanting. Would have loved seeing the Dior and Balenciaga collections too. Balenciaga has always been my favorite. The boys say they can't believe after a view of your graphic drawing that the S.Am. ponies go any faster than their Armory ones . . .
Sorry you had bronchitis . . . did you take the aureo. A letter from Sanders says it is still not nausea proof . . . and says they having best luck with it in following doses . . . 2 capsules after each meal with 2 at midnight if necessary. Hope you will not have to take it though. The intravenous form is not available and sells for $2 per vial . . . Which would mean $20-$30 per day.
The time flies . . . Mike Gorman and his wife came by en route to Cal. and stayed the week. We had fun and he is really something . . . hope you enjoyed his meeting with you. He was fascinated by Albert and his working knowledge of the health problem. I gave him a packet (the one for speakers) with all of the Nat. H. Ins. facts and etc. He will be a good recruit . . . for he is certainly articulate. She is very nice and quiet and smart . . . father a banker in Duncan Okla. and she was woman's page editor . . . they good together. Am sad he not going to Miami but says he may next year.
I never get caught up with the work I plan to do and have not even got to finish Opus yet. I am just sick about the Dept. of Public Welfare being defeated by AMA propaganda . . . read that one Sen. said he got so many calls from Drs. that he had to turn off the tel. Taft and one woman (?) opposed it in public hearings before the Sen. Expenditures Comm. Have lots of clippings for you from the Ariz. weekly we sent facts to . . . and the Ariz. Labor Journal pub. at Phoenix . . . by state Fed. of Labor . . . One art. in it by a druggist says that more women have entered nursing and more men preparing for med. than ever before . . . "One thing we must remember is that those who benefit the most are the masses who have no controlled press to speak for them". The paper then names Rep. Porky Patten of Ariz. as being against the N. H. I.
You will be delighted to know (it not authentic) but my personal version, and will bank on it . . . that George is not going to run against Claude . . . he wrote that he was for the new Cab. Post and was finally disgusted with Holland for being against it. I wrote Holland and Russell saying I hope they were for it . . . Russell wrote back most friendly . . . (had also said how sad . . . about the cut in the heart cancer app. in the conference and how I had heard he had not been able to get there. He did not mention that part when he wrote but said . . . the conf. on the Extra appropriations for heart and cancer res. Resulted in an appropriation of 18,900,000 for cancer res. plus contract authorization of 6,000,000 . . . and 10,725,000 for heart 5,350,000 for conA. That is really confusing for now don't know what he means . . . Whether he's including some of the original passed by the House and raised by the Senate . . . or if taken literally it means 40,975,000 Extra . . . and then seems too good to be true . . . Write and tell me your version of the interpretation and what to right to enlighten him. I had also sent him an article from Colliers on Heart 'The Richest Man in the Cemetery' which I hoped would terrify him and underlined all the gruesome facts . . . you know he told me he had been terrified of heart . . . Did you see the article (by Howard Whitman) . . . for very good . . . I am now going to send to Pete Jones . . . you can see qual type humor I have.
I'm taking a chance there after the horse?
I agree re. boxes patio . . . send drying of your idea . . . will get freeze . . . Jim P. has been very ill all summer and kept wanting to talk to him about it. Bill at ranch seems very pleased to write intelligent letters . . . will enclose some.
Dan'l and Martha and Michael fly back this next Sat. Dan'l does not have to be in school until the 20th but has to take his car back so we'll have to leave the 12th . . . but I am going to try and get him to drive me to Ariz. right after the others leave so we can get there and do things there and it is nice time of year. M thinking of taking some horses or having them sent . . . it is the problem of the barbed wire fences that I am afraid of . . . but perhaps we can fix one good field quickly . . . and no reason not to have some of those horses there.
Letter from Mr. C. said he had delightful meeting with you . . . suggests we hurry back . . . wanted remarks on the article in Newsweek . . . with his picture on cover . . . did you see??? Very favorable . . . predicted Mr. T. would be there after 52 also. Miami paper said ovation for Mr. T. there as great as ever with much fanfare.
I miss you darling and Oct. sounds ages away. Have fun and a good rest too . . . write to me again in your scenic style . . .
P.S. Went to forest fire last week and gave the parachute boys hot coffee all day and got a good story . . . Mike G. is writing . . . My boys were the only ones fighting who were not trained jumpers . . . Just after the boys were killed in Mont. so was very scary.
My love to Mr. P. & Nancy too.
George S. said the name "Dept. of Welfare" did more to ensure its defeat than anything else.
P.S. you remember that when Melvin wrote you about buying that mare from the Tulins last summer and I did from here. Well he didn't mention she had cut her foot and it never would get well . . . had opened up again this spring so I had the Vet. take her . . . no use to keep feeding her and having the doctor . . . for it had been a year and her foot looked awful. I wrote the Tulins and told him what I thought of them and said it was dishonest . . . but no answer . . . they in Cola. now . .
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