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The Mary Lasker Papers

Letter from Mary Lasker to Florence Mahoney pdf (184,914 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Mary Lasker to Florence Mahoney
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1947-07-24 (July 24, 1947)
[Lasker, Mary]
[Mahoney, Florence]
Original Repository: Columbia University. Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Mary Lasker Papers
Reproduced with permission of the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation.
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Series I
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Folder: Mahoney, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J.
July 24, 1947.
Florence dear,
Here is a letter from Mrs. Stein who is our Washington representative. I think it is self-explanatory and I think it would be wonderful if you would wire Smathers, urging him not to do anything about additional copies of the House Committee Report until a statement from responsible officials of the government agencies is received so they can defend their employees. This is trying to prevent even the discussion of National Health Insurance by employees of government agencies and is a direct AMA move which Fishbein told me was going to happen when I saw him in Atlantic City. They really work awfully hard against man's interests. Don't they?
I was so happy to have the two letters from you and to know that you were well in spite of the company you were having.
I am still weak from the jaundice and in bed part of the day. I did get up to go to the country to see the Levys, but I guess it tired me out since I was in bed all day Monday. I don't think my case of jaundice has anything to do with gallbladder trouble from the way it has acted.
I was delighted to know that you thought the ranch was nice in the summer and just about as we had imagined as to climate. When do you plan to go back there roughly? I am glad they are digging the well and will try to do something about a paint sample for the house in the next week or so. I am also going to try to make a thorough search for the sketch of the planting of the garden. I just can't believe that it disappeared. If I can't find it, he will just have to make us another one. The main thing to get in this year is the trees, roses and vines, and any flowering shrubs so they will be nice for the Spring. We can buy petunias and annuals if we want them when we get there.
I agree with you. I am shocked about Farley's articles. I never thought he was such a mean guy.
The Msgr. Sheen argument is continuing with a piece by Kubie in Tuesday's Times in answer to Sheen's letter of Monday. I am enclosing the clippings and would appreciate your sending them on to Hazel Harvest.
Gee, I am glad your mother seemed to be better than you seemed to expect.
Has Mac arrived yet? She was threatening to visit you when I spoke to her on the phone about a week ago.
Any news on Dr. Wirtshafter? I think they got off to a very slow start, but am still hoping for the best.
Lady Florey has returned. She really got to looking very rested and pretty before she left.
Albert was delighted with your letter on his testimony. I think we should try to get him on the air in a debate with Senator Taft. Don't you?
I suppose you say that the House and Senate finally agreed on $14,000,000 for cancer; $10,000,000 for research, including about $2,000,000 for the National Cancer Institute's research program and $4,000,000 for the development of grants-in-aid to clinics and services. The Society will raise nearly $12,000,000 so we have really got this thing started, especially as the Atomic Energy Commission will have some more money for cancer. The House voted for $25,000,000 for this and the Senate voted for $5,000,000. So I don't know what will finally come out.
Pepper got the Heart Research Deficiency Appropriations heard by the Senate on Saturday and we are hoping for the best this week. It certainly would be divine if it can be put over. If that happens, I will relax until January, I think.
Pepper really has been marvelous about all of this.
You know, of course, that the National Science Foundation Bill has passed the House and Senate and has gone to the President. Now it's a question of who we get on the Board of the Foundation and on the Cancer and Heart Commissions. We will have to hope for the best.
I think if Biffle would give a luncheon of Democratic and Republican Senators in the beginning of the next session, Albert could really move them so that we can get some place on Health Insurance. He is really hot on it and has certainly developed a wonderful "story line."
Audrey seems to have a slight touch of flu.
I am so grateful that you had Mrs. Harvest and Michael to stay with you. I am sure it helped them a great deal. You were an angel to do it. How lucky that you have a good cook.
I am delighted that Prescott seems to have a good hospital and doctors. Also that Margaret Sanger's son is doing well.
Give my best to the boys. Much love to you. I miss you. Write us soon.
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