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The Mary Lasker Papers

Letter from Walter P. Reuther to Sidney Farber pdf (95,977 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Walter P. Reuther to Sidney Farber
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1969-11-13 (November 13, 1969)
Reuther, Walter P.
United Auto Workers
Farber, Sidney
[Harvard Medical School. Children's Hospital]
Original Repository: Columbia University. Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Mary Lasker Papers
Reproduced with permission of the Walter P. Reuther Library.
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National Health Insurance, United States
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Mary Lasker and the Growth of the National Institutes of Health
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Series I
SubSeries: Topical Files
Folder: Committee for National Health Insurance (CNHI), 1968-1979
November 13, 1969
Dear Dr. Farber:
I believe you know a good deal about the work of the Committee for National Health Insurance from Mrs. Lasker and Mel Glasser. Now that we have had an opportunity to meet personally in Mr. Blair's home, I want to extend to you a very cordial invitation to join the Committee.
Organized just a year ago, the 88 members of our group represent the medical and other health professions, labor, management, the clergy, rural America, youth, the academic world -- in short, a Committee as broad based as our country itself. I attach a list of the members so that you might see the caliber of the persons who have associated themselves with this effort.
Our basic concern is that through universal participation under the social insurance principle the present non-system of health care be more effectively financed and that through the financing mechanism encouragement be given to sounder organization for the delivery of medical services. We are convinced that the United States, which is spending more dollars -- some $60 billion in 1969 -- and a larger percentage of its Gross National Product for health care than any other nation in the world, can and should have more comprehensive health programs for all Americans than is possible in our present chaotic organization.
With the help of an excellent Subcommittee of technical specialists, we are in the process of working out a program that will provide not only basic financing for comprehensive health services but will relate the financing to reorganization of the delivery system of the services. The Committee has adopted a Statement of Principles governing the goals and general directions of its work, a copy of which is enclosed. These principles we believe form a sound basis for developing an acceptable and workable national health insurance program.
We face no easy task. But with your help and guidance , along with that of our other Committee members, I am certain we shall eventually prevail. We intend to mount a major and continuing program which will educate the American people and mobilize broad scale support for the changes in the organization and financing of our health services which the American people need and the times demand.
The members of the Committee and I would be very pleased if you would accept our invitation to join us in working together on this important program where both your knowledge and influence can help us do the job long overdue in our country.
I look forward to hearing from you. I would appreciate it, if you decide to join the Committee, if you would have your secretary send me a biographical statement for use by the Committee.
Walter P. Reuther
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