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The Mary Lasker Papers

Letter from James A. Shannon to Mary Lasker pdf (106,097 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from James A. Shannon to Mary Lasker
Although Shannon appreciated Lasker's instrumental role in promoting the rapid growth of the National Institutes of Health in the quarter-century after World War II, he criticized her for trying to meddle in the operation of NIH and to impose her personal research priorities on the agency. For her part, Lasker suspected Shannon of a bias towards basic over clinical research. Their relationship was distant, and Lasker visited Shannon in his office only once. Another NIH director and a deputy director received Lasker awards; Shannon never did.
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1964-06-26 (June 26, 1964)
Shannon, James A.
National Institutes of Health. Office of the Director
Lasker, Mary
Original Repository: Columbia University. Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Mary Lasker Papers
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Cancer Wars
Metadata Record Letter from Mary Lasker to James A. Shannon (July 17, 1964) pdf (128,030 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Folder: National Cancer Institute - James Shannon File: Cancer Contract Grants
June 26, 1964
Dear Mary:
As a follow up on our luncheon meeting of June 21st regarding information supplied to the National Advisory Cancer Council members on NCI programs supported by the contract mechanism, I am supplying copies of some of the materials sent to the members by the NCI staff over the past several months. These materials include rather detailed information on each contract (the large red book) and broad program information emphasizing the activities supported by the contract mechanism. In addition from time to time various staff members have presented to the two Council Subcommittees reviews of the program areas involving contract support.
The red book was sent to Council members in early November and the books were available at the Council meeting held in November of last year. Many of the Council members expressed their appreciation of the excellent summary made available to them at that time.
The gray book was a broad summary of the overall program of the National Cancer Institute which gave emphasis to the intramural and contract supported programs, and was supplemented by data on the distribution of grants by various categories. This was made available to the Council members prior to the initial meeting of the presently constituted Subcommittees on Carcinogenesis and Prevention and Diagnosis and Treatment. At the same time an NCI Fact Book was supplied and a revised edition has subsequently been made available to the Council.
Subsequent to distribution of the red book, the blue book containing broad program information in the areas supported by contracts, including excerpts from the minutes of the Scientific Directorate covering these program reviews, was also distributed. Additional information on the program review of the clinical chemotherapy area, which has recently been completed by the Scientific Directorate, will be sent to the Council members shortly.
For the Council meeting just completed a document discussing goals and objectives of cancer research and their means for implementation was also distributed prior to the meeting.
I hope this letter and the attachments clarify some of the questions about material made available to the Council -- on those programs supported through the contract mechanism.
James A. Shannon, M. D.
National Institutes of Health
cc: Professor Jerome Weisner
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