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Sniffing Spray Paint Destroys Your Lungs
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This poster is part of a series in a very different kind of public health campaign inspired by toxic chemicals. Created by the Texas Prevention Partnership (TPP), which was founded in 1990 by the Entertainment Industries Council and Harvey Weiss, the posters address the alarming trend of "huffing"--the inhaling of CFCs, Freon, household cleaning products, and other toxic chemicals for a quick high. At the time, inhalant abuse was gaining popularity at a staggering rate in the state of Texas and surrounding areas. Following a massive campaign that included the distribution of bilingual posters and radio and television public service announcements, Texas saw an immediate decline in the number of deaths from inhalant abuse, and between 1990 and 1994 there was a reduction of more than 32 percent in elementary school inhalant use and a reduction of about 20 percent at the high school level. This work inspired TPP to found and lead the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition.
Repeating the motif in the series, this image features an adolescent girl whose lungs are outlined with dripping orange paint. The title, "Sniffing spray paint destroys your lungs," is accompanied by the warning designed to challenge the misguided notion that inhalants are harmless. The caption warns, "Sniffing stuff like markers or spray paint can kill you. The first time, the second time, even the hundredth time."
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Texas Prevention Partnership
Original Repository: History of Medicine Division. Prints and Photographs Collection
This image may also be accessed from the Images from the History of Medicine (IHM).
IHM Order Number: C00178
Texas Prevention Partnership
Reproduced with permission of the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition.
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Inhalation Exposure
Public Health
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Chemical Exposure
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Environmental Health
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