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Acceptable Daily Intake!
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Since the 1950s, the WHO has supported research on the safe use of food additives and the evaluation of the carcinogenic hazards presented by imperceptible chemicals present in food at very low levels. Additives are non-nutritive substances added intentionally to food, generally in small quantities, to improve its appearance, flavor, texture, or storage properties. Imperceptible chemicals include a number of environmental contaminants that may get into food from packaging or residues from the use of solvents, veterinary drugs, or pesticides. This poster uses the same motif of the posters "Children at Risk!" and "Let the World Breathe," featuring a photograph of children as symbolic motivation for responsible and accountable adult behavior. When combined with the textual message that, "Food additives and pesticides should be used with care," the photo of the children, sharing an apple and an ice cream, is designed to encourage reflection on the part of the viewer. The headline, "Acceptable Daily Intake!" refers to the amount of a particular chemical found in food that, it is believed, can be safely consumed on a daily basis over a lifetime without harm. The ADI is widely used by organizations such as the WHO as a means of achieving some uniformity of approach in regulatory control. The ADI is designed to ensure that the actual human intake of a substance is well below toxic levels.
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ca. 1984
World Health Organization
Original Repository: History of Medicine Division. Prints and Photographs Collection
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World Health Organization
Reproduced with permission of the World Health Organization.
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Environmental Pollution
Food Preservatives
Public Health
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Chemical Exposure
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Environmental Health
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