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The Fred L. Soper Papers

Letter from Fred L. Soper to Joseph E. Smadel pdf (117,851 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Fred L. Soper to Joseph E. Smadel
In this letter Soper expresses his desire to leave the Cholera Research Laboratory.
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1961-06-25 (June 25, 1961)
Soper, Fred L.
Smadel, Joseph E.
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Cholera Research, 1950-1973
Folder: Cholera-Correspondence, 1961-1970
Dacca East Pakistan
June 25 1961
Dear Joe:
Some ten months ago we had a luncheon discussion of my possible association with the Cholera Research Project; I regret that distance makes a luncheon discussion of my coming disassociation from this project possible. Circumstances justify presentation of the following for your consideration:
We have decided (and I say we because such decisions are family decisions) not to spend another spring in Dacca. This automatically would limit my association with the cholera work to February or Maroh 1961.
I find myself sustaining the position first outlined in my report to you from Karachi on March 14-15, notwithstanding
a) the contrary report and recommendations of the Chief of the Office of International Research of the NIH;
b) your whole hearted acceptance of the report and recommendations of the Chief of the OIR;
c) the decision of the Director of the NIH, and your acceptance of that decision, to reject the development of an international agency of the INCAP type, which I have been actively promoting with the Government of Pakistan and the USOM/P since early March.
I find it impossible, after declaring to all and sundry since December that the Cholera Research Project was destined to become a multilateral rather than a bilateral project, to advocate with a clear conscience, a straight unilateral project, as the Pakistan SEATO Cholera Research Laboratory would become under the modifications to my draft proposal of May l0th made by the STATE/ICA/NIH group.
I have commitments in Detroit for the APRA meeting, from November 12 to 17; my present appointment terminates November 15th.
The situation here has been such that I have not become involved at any point with the cholera problem; my travel orders providing for visits to other countries in the area, will expire this week with no use of the outside of Pakistan.
This note is not a complaint and is not an attempt to make the situation difficult but rather to give you a free hand to solve your problems knowing that I am expendable. If you decide on my early replacement, I shall be agreeable. If you decide to make Joe Stockard the Director, which I would recommend, unless you have some outstanding candidate, it may be useful for me to continue until October and get away early enough to take annual leave within the period of my appointment.
Please consider this as a personal communication, on the basis of which you may indicate to me your desires.
As ever,
Fred L. Soper, M.D.
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