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The Fred L. Soper Papers

[Excerpt from Fred Soper's diary] pdf (79,498 Bytes) transcript of pdf
[Excerpt from Fred Soper's diary]
In this entry Soper mentions a letter from Dr. Marshall A. Barber, a malariologist, who is interested in visiting the epidemic malaria region.
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1939-04-17 (April 17, 1939)
Soper, Fred L.
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Yellow Fever
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Fighting Yellow Fever and Malaria in Brazil, 1928-1942
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Series: Diaries, 1919-1975
Folder: Diaries, April-May 1939
April 16th. Sunday.
Dinner at the Whitman's mountain home.
April 17th. Check over vaccination lists with Drs. Kerr and Manso and test a series of blood collections to determine results of vaccination since last August. Bloods are to be collected by preference from vaccinated children who may be expected to have kept away from places where they could have contracted jungle yellow fever.
Prepare with Drs. Servulo and Waldemar document No. 1398 which summarizes points which we feel should be considered by the Government in the organization of the Yellow Fever Service after June 30.
JBB leaves proof of Portuguese edition of yellow fever report presented before the Tenth Pan American Sanitary Conference for final checking and leaves word that 1 should not call at the Department tomorrow since he expects to remain in office less than another 48 hours. (I presume this means that the Health Centers in Rio are being definitely transferred to the Municipality. Even so, it is probable that Barreto will continue in the Health Department).
Make arrangements for a trip to Buenos Aires on the 24th, returning the 28th.
Letter from Dr. Sawyer arrives indicating necessity for Dr. Jacobs to carry out original plans on African assignment.
Letter from Dr. M. A. Barber reporting that he is now in Buenos Aires investigating A. pseudopunctipennis on his own responsibility and stating that be is interesting in visiting the gambias district in the near future. I decide to advise Dr. Barber of my coming and shall if possible bring him back to Rio with me on the 28th.
(Comic note: The people at Aracaty referred to Dr. Uzedo after his hurried visit to their district as "o ponteiro do Segundo").
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