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The Fred L. Soper Papers

Letter from Dudley A. Reekie to Fred L. Soper pdf (150,433 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Dudley A. Reekie to Fred L. Soper
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1943-08-30 (August 30, 1943)
Reekie, Dudley A.
Soper, Fred L.
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Financial Support
Cooperative Behavior
Typhus, Epidemic Louse-Borne
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World War II: Typhus Fever and Malaria in the Mediterranean
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Typhus Research, 1942-1947
Folder: Typhus--Algeria 1943
30 August 1943
Dear Dr. Soper,
When you first arrived in North Africa from Cairo we discussed my contention that the operations of your group should he indicated with those of the CFR Medical Division. At that time you were not of a mind to formalize such an integration through a "Memorandum of Understanding" which we believed necessary before we could undertake the responsibilities incident to procuring or providing government transportation, office space and office service, mail and airgram service and the importation or, while awaiting importation, the temporary release of supplies from U. S. Army medical depots.
Today we have received a copy of an airgram from Mr. Cordell Hull to the American Consul, Algiers, dated August 17, which says in part: Dr. Fosdick will indicate to his representatives in North Africa the necessity for coordinating Rockefeller Foundation activities with the Medical Division, NAEB.
The work you are wishing and willing to do in North Africa is important and you may make a most important contribution to impending typhus epidemics here, and in future fields of operations, through what you accomplish this winter.
We have every intention of assisting you, but we are unable to accept responsibility for full assistance unless in some way you become an integrated research unit of this Division. By this we mean a functional unit. We do not ask and have no right to seek a scientific or an accounting of funds responsibility. That is your responsibility to the Foundation. But we need to participate with you in all the other phases of your work from a functional and policy standpoint if we are to be of maximum service to you.
A precedent and an illustration of what we are proposing is the integration of the "Friends" into the Mission. Their program is facilitated and augmented by this integration but they continue to account for their expenditures and to report on their program to the parent organization in the States.
The experience and the results obtained by your investigations here in North Africa can be most useful in the European countries which are liberated in the future and which are assigned as responsibilities of American relief and rehabilitation operations. We shall want to use your organization there, providing of course, that you wish to be used, on any typhus control problem that may develop. But we cannot bring you forward to operate with us as an independent agency. As an integrated unit of the Medical Division you can operate with us and, as a component of the Medical Division of a United States Mission, you can obtain through us the facilities with which to move and operate.
Please give this subject your studied attention and if you wish to, please draw up a memorandum of understanding of your own for our study. I can assure you that if it provides for the principles covered here it till be acceptable to Mr. Fryer, the Chief of this Mission.
We repeat that our intention is to help you do a job and to offer you through the channels set up here an opportunity for your maximum effort, but we cannot become involved in uncertain relationships which, as a result, involve uncertain responsibilities.
Dudley A. Reekie, Chief
Medical Division
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