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The Fred L. Soper Papers

Letter from W. H. Crichton to D. Gordon Cheyne pdf (109,872 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from W. H. Crichton to D. Gordon Cheyne
D. Gordon Cheyne's name is misspelled "Chayne" in this letter.
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1943-12-23 (December 23, 1943)
Crichton, W. H.
Cheyne, D. Gordon
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Typhus, Epidemic Louse-Borne
Attitude of Health Personnel
Organization and Administration
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World War II: Typhus Fever and Malaria in the Mediterranean
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Typhus Research, 1942-1947
SubSeries: Typhus--Naples, Part I
23 December 1943.
My Dear Chayne,
This is to inform you at once that the balloon has gone up! General Blitz -- sorry Fox -- has blown up completely. He paced around my office like an angry tiger. Has stated that typhus is the biggest problem facing AMGOT, that it has not been dealt with in the past as seriously as it should have been, and has prevailed upon the authorities to appoint him "in charge" of the Typhus Campaign.
He has interviewed General Pence, Colonels Hume and Kraege without my being present and exactly what his position will be relative to mine in the future I do not quite understand.
I am perfectly willing to play but I don't like the man, it has all been done and I must have my position defined. Col. Hume promised to do this today.
I understand that the whole Typhus Commission is coming over here, that 300 persons are to be employed at once, that DDT is being made available in clouds, and transportation in profusion.
One great achievement is that General Hughs is seeing General Clark and orders are being issued that no more troops are to be allowed in Naples on leave, a good thing from every point of view.
Re. V.D. Will you please let me have the scheme of Lees -- (missing word) -- which I understood you to say Lees had given you by which the duration of staying of patients in hospital will be controlled?
Mail. I do hope you have found it possible to enquire about my mail. I have had nothing yet from home.
With all good wishes for Xmas,
(signed): Chricton.
Bloody but unbowed.
Had a letter from General Gill who asked to be remember to you.
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