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The Fred L. Soper Papers

Letter from W. H. Crichton to D. Gordon Cheyne pdf (113,921 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from W. H. Crichton to D. Gordon Cheyne
D. Gordon Cheyne's name is misspelled "Chayne" in this letter.
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1943-12-24 (December 24, 1943)
Crichton, W. H.
Cheyne, D. Gordon
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Typhus, Epidemic Louse-Borne
Attitude of Health Personnel
Organization and Administration
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World War II: Typhus Fever and Malaria in the Mediterranean
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Letters (correspondence)
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Series: Typhus Research, 1942-1947
SubSeries: Typhus--Naples, Part I
December 24, 1943
My Dear Chayne,
Things are a great deal worse that I described to you in my letter yesterday. I find now that General Fox told General Pence that he is going to be typhus king here and that in his temporary absence in Algiers and Cairo (he's gone today) Soper is to act in this capacity in his stead.
Needless to say I should resent the manner in which this has been done and I dispute his authority to appoint of his own accord a man who has been definitely assigned by AFHQ to work here with Region III under my direction.
Soper presented his report on requirements yesterday evening but told me that this could only be "of academic interest" because "some" action on it had already been taken by General Pence at P.B.S. I therefore felt paralized[sic] because I didn't know exactly what action was being taken by P.B.S. and where I came in.
I exposed the whole situation to Hume and Kraege and Hume and I went to see General Pence and got very little change out of him. I begged that at least I should be informed of the degree and character of the assistance which P.B.S. are giving Soper so as to avoid duplication of work but his attitude generally was that he was only dealing with Soper, that General Fox had appointed Soper and implied that for all he cared I need not exist. He just will not deal with AMG.
In these circustances I am finding it very difficult to retain my grip on the typhus campaign and although I do not wish to say that I cannot be held responsible because I want to be a "good soldier" you will appreciate that the situation is becoming critical.
I am both disappointed and distressed at this turn of events.
Yours in haste,
(Signed): W.H. Crichton
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