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The Fred L. Soper Papers

[Excerpt from Fred Soper's diary] pdf (310,720 Bytes) transcript of pdf
[Excerpt from Fred Soper's diary]
Soper notes that Dr. Decio Parreiras has published an article in Folha Medica (December 5, 1938) claiming priority for the idea of viscerotomy and invention of the viscerotome, and organization of the viscerotomy service. Soper spends much of January 21 writing to Parreiras and the editor of Folha Medica.
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21-24 January 1939
Soper, Fred L.
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Yellow Fever
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Fighting Yellow Fever and Malaria in Brazil, 1928-1942
Metadata Record Letter from Fred L. Soper to Eugene P. Campbell (October 6, 1967) pdf (299,722 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Series: Diaries, 1919-1975
Folder: Diary, January-March 1939
January 21st. Professor Bolton of the University of California calls and is turned over to Miss Lois Williams with my car for the afternoon. In the Folha Medica of December 5th 1938 Dr. Decio Parreiras had an article in which he claimed all priority for the idea of Viscerotomy, the organization of the first Viscerotome Service and the manufacture of the first viscerotome. His attack is largely directed against publications of Rickard and Lloyd. Most of the day to-day has been given over to completing a letter to Decio Parreiras giving him many facts and copies of documents, the existence of which he has forgotten. I am sending a copy of the letter to Dr. J.P. Fontenelle, the editor of the Folha Medica. In the letter I suggest to Dr. DP that he write the retraction for the Folha Medica and send copies of it to the persons who have received reprints of his article. (A great loss of time but a point has been raised which cannot be ignored. Fortunately have a very full documentation of all the details of the development of the viscerotome and the Viscerotomy Service.)
Arrest of Rockefeller crook.
January 22nd. Sunday.
January 23rd. At the insistence of JBB and on his promise of a recall within a week or ten days I wired DBW to take Dr. Ramagem Soares on the payroll as his assistant, which was the position he occupied until we took over on the 12th of January.
January 24th. Authorization to sign contracts for 1959 received.
Morning with Hargett and Stutz.
CHY comes to the office and says he will come to work to-morrow kidney stone or no kidney stone. I recommend a trip to the USA which is due now but there is always the question of an attack at sea.
Crook to be expelled from Brazil.
It is interesting to know that livers are now spending only 2.1 days in the laboratory before examination. The vacuum oven put in some time ago has made this service much more efficient than it was before when it gave results only after 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 days.
Long talk with JBB. He reports that the first draft of the yellow fever contract was approved by everyone and sent up to the President for approval, which was given and that it would now be difficult to make the changes I suggested last week. I point out that there is no provision for including the amount of money to be spent during the first half of the year over and above that spent last year; that the only changes made provide money for vaccination in the regular budget of the first semester and remove the restrictions which the first draft placed on how much money the Government would spend during the second quarter and how it would be advanced to the director who takes over for the Government. I explain that we have no desire to control any service after we once release it to the direct government administration and that it is not fair nor possible to try to say how much money will be needed until after we know what regulations will be put in force for the GEA after the 1st of July.
JBB shows me a telegram from Manoel Ferreira giving total deficit for the malaria service under his direction of 327 contos instead of the 249 reported by DBW a few days ago. MF also says in his telegram that it would be "descobida" if the RF did not assume this deficit. I point out that MF told us (JBB and myself) in Fortaleza when we were having the preliminary discussions that his budget would take care of payrolls, at least until the 1st of February 1939. JBB confirms this and adds that MF only asked for 2,500 contos for the service for 1939 although it now appears that he spent 1,327 contos in three months! I also point out that there is some of the material which we would be justified in taking over at cost, i.e. such materials as Paris green, atebrine, etc. but that these articles have probably already been paid and that many items remaining on the unpaid list are such as we would not care to present either to the Government or to the RF.
JBB knows details of expenditures made by Cezar Pinto.
JBB shows telegrams from Dr. Bouhid and Walter Silva asking to come to the South of Brazil to work in malaria on the plea that their obligation is fulfilled once the RF takes over the service. I assure JBB that I am sure the action is taken at least by Dr. Bouhid without the knowledge of DBW and that Bouhid has not been fired by DBW. (We both agree that WS is weak and that there is no reason for keeping him in the North.
I discuss the publication of Decio Parreiras regarding priority in Viscerotomy and the making of the Viscerotome. I tell him that my only surprise is that the article was delayed 8 years in appearing! I try to make JBB and the Government responsible for DP's publication but JBB insists that all of his assistants -- including DP -- have full freedom to publish what they will. He suggests presenting our documents proving that DP is wrong on all counts. I insist that it would be better for all concerned if DP retracts after seeing our proofs. JBB finally agrees to bring DP and Fontenelle, the editor of the Folha Medica to see the documents next week.
CHY, who has been suffering from some attacks of kidney stone since the 9th came in for a few minutes to-day. I have been suggesting that he make arrangement to go home to the USA as soon as possible instead of waiting till the end of March as planned.
Name of man taken by police because he was using the name of the RF to collect funds is Izydor Glass. He is a Pole who has been in the country only a year and is subject to deportation.
The negotiations for the turning of the anti-culex work in Santos over to the State have been completed and the transfer will be made on the 26th of this month.
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