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The Arthur Kornberg Papers

Letter from Severo Ochoa to Arthur Kornberg pdf (92,222 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Severo Ochoa to Arthur Kornberg
In this letter, Kornberg's former mentor Severo Ochoa thanked him for a sample of TPN (triphosphopyridine nucleotide) and discussed his ongoing work on citrate synthesis.
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1949-03-29 (March 29, 1949)
Ochoa, Severo
New York University. College of Medicine
Kornberg, Arthur
Original Repository: Stanford University Libraries. Department of Special Collections and University Archives. Arthur Kornberg Papers
Courtesy of Arthur Kornberg.
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Escherichia coli
Adenosine Triphosphate
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From Physician to Enzyme Hunter, 1942-1953
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Letters (correspondence)
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March 29, 1949
Dear Arthur:
Please accept my best, if delayed, thanks for the sample of TPN which arrived safely in due course. I am also glad to have the details of the counter current purification, it looks pretty good. We are about to make a batch of the 1st acetone precipitate and will try counter current on it. There is a machine in Chemistry.
We got a copy of Rosenthal's acetoacetic acid method. Unfortunately, oxalacetic reacts as much as acetoacetic and, for determination of the latter in the presence of the former, the method may require a special study. However, it will be quite useful for acetoacetic in the absence of interfering substances and I am glad to have it.
There has not been much progress recently in the citrate synthesis. We found E. coli extracts very active in forming citrate from acetate + ATP + OAA. There seemed to be a funny catalytic regeneration of ATP which disappeared after rough fractionation with AmSO4 and prolonged dialysis. In view of this, I am not sure that earlier experiments with extracts indicating synthesis from the product of the phosphoroclastic reaction can be interpreted in that way. I guess we shall have to isolate (or try to isolate) the "active" acetate formed both by the phosphoroclastic reaction and by acetate + ATP. Of course we should like to get evidence for the assumed formation of citryl phosphate. We sent a note to J.B.C. with the results on pigeon liver.
I was very pleased that you found good activity in pig liver for the NMN + ATP --> DPN reaction and I am sure you will be able to demonstrate the participation of pyro-P without too much trouble.
I know exactly how you feel about sitting at a desk all day. I am in the same boat working on the article for Sumner & Myrback's book. You should not be too unhappy about it, however, since that gives you a chance to write up your papers.
We shall be seeing each other soon and I look forward to it. Meanwhile my best to everybody in the lab with our fondest regards to the Kornberg family.
Severo Ochoa
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