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The Arthur Kornberg Papers

Letter from Arthur Kornberg to H. Gobind Khorana pdf (62,734 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Arthur Kornberg to H. Gobind Khorana
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1957-03-08 (March 8, 1957)
Kornberg, Arthur
Khorana, H. Gobind
University of British Columbia
Original Repository: Stanford University Libraries. Department of Special Collections and University Archives. Arthur Kornberg Papers
Reproduced with permission of Arthur Kornberg.
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Adenosine Triphosphate
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The Synthesis of DNA, 1953-1959
Metadata Record Letter from Arthur Kornberg to H. Gobind Khorana (February 28, 1957) pdf (90,624 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Metadata Record Letter from H. Gobind Khorana to Arthur Kornberg (March 18, 1957) pdf (120,277 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Letters (correspondence)
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March 8, 1957
Dear Gobind:
I am very pleased that we can send you the enclosed sample of what I hope is terminally-labeled ATP. Sylvy prepared it with her enzyme which appears to be free of myokinase. In an earlier experiment with P32-labeled poly-P and ADP as acceptor, P32 label was found only in the ATP. With any significant amount of myokinase some counts should have been detected in the ADP zone.
The enclosed sample contains about 4.6 micromoles of P32-labeled ATP and about 2 micromoles of unlabeled ADP. If was prepared by Norite adsorption and elution of Sylvy's acidified reaction mixture. There has been no chromatography and it seems to me that for the purpose of making PRPP it would not be necessary. When counted yesterday as a dry sample under the end-window Geiger counter (not the gas-flow, and therefore about 1/3 as sensitive as when counted on our gas-flow counter), the specific radioactivity was of the order of 7 x 10 to the 6 counts per minute per micromole. The sample has some Norite in it which I believe will be easily removed by centrifugation when you go to dissolve this lyophilized powder. Since we eluted the ATP with ammoniacal ethanol I expect that it is the ammonium salt.
If you have any questions about it please to do not hesitate to call me. We are very eager to see how your results with this ATP will compare with your earlier experiment.
With fond regards.
Sincerely yours,
Arthur Kornberg
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