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The Edward D. Freis Papers

The Tucson Little Theatre Presents 'Green Grow the Lilacs' by Lynn Riggs pdf (241,881 Bytes) transcript of pdf
The Tucson Little Theatre Presents 'Green Grow the Lilacs' by Lynn Riggs
The program from a production of "Green Grow the Lilacs" (the basis for the musical play "Oklahoma") in Tucson, AZ during Freis's undergraduate years. Freis directed and played the starring role of Curley. Before choosing a career in medicine, Freis aspired to be an actor.
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20-21 April 1934
Tucson Little Theatre
This item is in the public domain. It may be used without permission.
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Series: Scrapbooks, 1926-2004
Folder: Scrapbook 1, 1926-61
The Tucson Little Theatre
Presents "Green Grow the Lilacs" by Lynn Riggs
A Two Act Folk Play in Six Scenes
Directed by Edward Freis
Temple of Music and Art
April 20-21, 1934 8:30 P. M.
The Cast (As they speak)
Aunt Eller . . . Lillian Vezzetti
Curley McLain . . . Edward Freis
Laurey Williams . . . Mary Alice Murell
Jeeter Fry . . . Edward Montfort
Ado Annie Carnes . . . Ebba Hammer
Peddler . . . Joel Bloom
Old Man Peck . . . J. W. Dyer
Shorty . . . John Hill
Dorothy . . . Dorothy Murell
First cowpuncher, Elmer Flaccus; Second cowpuncher, Keith Terry; Third cowpuncher, John Hill; Fourth cowpuncher, M. P. Hall; Fifth cowpuncher, Joel Bloom
Cord Elam . . . Elmer Woodworth, Joel Bloom
Young Farmer . . . Victor Parber
"Swing Your Partner"
The dances in the party scene include Dean Byron Cummings, Mrs. J. W. Dyer, Mr. Bishop and Mrs. G. A. Clawson, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. McFarland, Al Hanson, Ruth Arntzen, Dave Jones, Matilda Miller, Dean Tillotson, Frankie Halladay, Paul Miller, Mrs. Karppi, Tom Duck and Junia Foster.
Fiddlers: Miracle Mike; Harry Lusk.
Tucson Men's Choir, Direction of Mr. William A. Ferguson
Guitar Accompanist -- Irvin Pratt
Lemonade will be served in the patio during intermission
Technical Staff
Sam Singer . . . Stage Manager
J. W. Dyer . . . Atmospheric Director
Victor Parber . . . Property Master
Clark den Bleyker . . . Electrical Technician
Karl Ahren . . . Switchboard Master
James Smith . . . Stage Carpenter
Mrs. Virginia Lounsbury . . . Wardrobe Mistress
Chester Storey . . . Stage Crew Manager
Stage Crew: Leon Levy, Richard Sasuly, Edward Rosenthal, Meyer Spitalney and Ronald Davis.
Scenery conceived and designed exclusively for the Tucson Little Theatre by Mucio Delgado.
1. The Williams Farm House.
2. The Same
3. The Smoke House.
10-Minute Intermission.
4. Old Man Peck's Ranch.
5. An Old Shed Back of Williams' House.
6. The Williams Farm House, Three Nights Later.
The time of the play is the early days of the west, about 1900.
Scene I. "Green Grow the Lilacs" and "Git Along Little Dogies,"--Curley and Men's Choir.
First Interlude: "All Day on the Prairie", -- Men's Choir.
Second Interlude: "The Lavender Cowboy" -- Hank Worden and "Home on the Range" -- Men's Choir. (Mr. Worden, a winter visitor, appeared in the original Theatre Guild production of "Green Grow the Lilacs" in New York.)
Third Interlude: "Git Along Little Doggies" -- Bruce Gerard and Choir; and "Green Grow the Lilacs" -- Men's Choir.
Fourth scene: Square dances. "The Old Spinning Wheel", -- Old Man Peck; Selected songs by Dorothy. "A Ridin' Old Paint", -- entire company.
Forth Interlude: "Red River Valley" -- Bruce Gerard and Choir; "Blood on the Saddle" -- Hank Worden.
Fifth Interlude: "O Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie" -- Men's Choir.
Sixth scene: "Green Grow the Lilacs".
The Little Theatre acknowledges the courtesies of Goldberg's, Porters', Ronstadt's, Grabe's, the Star, the Weekender, the Wildcat, El Tucsonense, the Citizen, the Kitty Kat, The Saturday Morning Musical Club, Codd Advertising Service, Wyatt's Bookstore and the hundreds of Tucsonians who made this production possible both backstage and "out front".
Little Theatre Officers
Mark Finley, president; Mrs. Cyril Sanders, 1st vice-president; Mrs. W. A. Bell, 2nd vice-president; Mrs. Bentley Winstanley, secretary; Mrs. Charles Solomon, treasurer and Ted Kruger, business manager.
Board of Directors
Mrs. Charles S. Kibler, Misses Virginia Crowfoot, Peggy O'Neall, Leonor Mansfeld and Messrs. Boyd Mewborn, Lish Whitson, John Foster and Mark Finley.
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