Paul Berg with other 1980 Lasker Award winners

Paul Berg with other 1980 Lasker Award winners
CAPTION READS: New York, N.Y. . . . Ten Albert Lasker Medical Research Awards winners are shown as they were presented at a press conference at the Hotel St. Regis on Wednesday, November 19.. Five Clinical Award winners won their awards for developing a vaccine against RH disease, which is caused by a blood factor called RH. When there is an incompatibility in the RH blood factors between father and mothers, a baby can be born dead or abnormal, a situation prevented by the vaccine.. The four Lasker Basic Award winners were honored for advancing research in Recombinant DNA--genetic engineering (gene-splicing).. The tenth winner, honored for a monumental study on high blood pressure, is the Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute, represented by its director, Dr. Robert I. Levy.. Picture shows:. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT--Drs. Berg, Levy, Borman, Finn, Clarke.. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT--Drs. Cohen, Boyer, Kaiser, Pollack, Freda.
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19 November 1980
Free Text. Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation--Albert Lasker Awards Archives, 1944-. National Library of Medicine, History of Medicine Division, Modern Manuscripts Collection (MS C 415). Box 2-1.. Free Text. This image may also be accessed from the Images from the History of Medicine (IHM).. URL. IHM Order Number. B09591
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