Interview with Ralph W. Moss

Interview with Ralph W. Moss
Dr. Ralph Moss is a science writer who has spent more than twenty years investigating and writing about cancer issues, with a special emphasis on alternative cancer treatments. In 1984 he completed a documentary film titled "A Special Gift" about Albert Szent-Gyorgyi's work, and in 1988 he published a full-length biography of Szent-Gyorgyi, "Free Radical: Albert Szent-Gyorgyi and the Battle over Vitamin C.". In this interview, Dr. Moss recounts the circumstances of his first meeting with Szent-Gyorgyi in 1980, which stemmed from their shared interest in cancer research. As Szent-Gyorgyi's biographer, Dr. Moss traveled to locations in Europe and the United States to interview his subject's relatives and colleagues. This interview recapitulates Dr. Moss's unfolding insights into Szent-Gyorgyi's life and work, including some of the controversies surrounding the discovery of vitamin C. Dr. Moss also describes his own and Szent-Gyorgyi's involvement with the National Foundation for Cancer Research as well as Szent-Gyorgyi's novel approach to research. Finally, Dr. Moss offers an assessment of Szent-Gyorgyi's contributions not only to cancer research but also to biological science.. NOTE: An index to the transcript is located on pages 30-31.. NOTE: This interview is part of a series of NLM oral histories conducted with colleagues and friends of Albert Szent-Gyorgyi in 2004.
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4 November 2004
Moss, Ralph (Ralph Moss)
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