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The C. Everett Koop Papers

"Public Health, Year 2000: Presented to the Alumni of Colby-Sawyer College, New London, New Hampshire" [Reminiscence] pdf (66,995 Bytes) transcript of pdf
"Public Health, Year 2000: Presented to the Alumni of Colby-Sawyer College, New London, New Hampshire" [Reminiscence]
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Koop, C. Everett
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Reproduction and Family Health
Metadata Record Public Health, Year 2000: Presented to the Alumni of Colby-Sawyer College, New London, New Hampshire (June 5, 1982) pdf (988,655 Bytes) transcript of pdf
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Vol.#2 -- 4
"Public Health, Year 2000"
Presented to the Alumni of Colby-Sawyer College
New London, New Hampshire
June 5, 1982
This could be said to be a few random thoughts, from a public health perspective, regarding the implications of the many changes to be occurring in our society over the next two to three decades. On the other hand, it is a prophetic speech based upon the progress of health and medicine over the past several decades especially as those advantages have been seen in the growth and development of baby boomers.
After a review of progress in heart disease, cancer, and stroke, the implications of the echo of the baby boom, in reference to total number of live births, is stressed as a basis for prevention of disease and promotion of health.
Three examples of benefits that can be achieved from specific health care for the elderly are: the exhaustive research on smoking and health, physical fitness and exercise, and nutrition with specifics ranging from the avoidance of fractured hips to the use of helmets by motorcycle riders.
A point is made that the government's preventive medical policy is not really a form of benevolent despotism. It's something that is a great challenge and can be done within the framework of family and community-based medicine, which is where our national strength lies.
"Baby Boom" & the fertility rate
"Echo effect" of the "Baby Boom"
Fitness & exercise
Good posture & musculoskeletal health
"Graying of America"
Health Promotion, Disease Prevention
Infant mortality here and abroad
Prevention of hip fractures
Smoking In Health
Social, economic, medical and demographic relationships in public health
Societies major killers: Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke
"A Smattering of Ignorance." (Levant)
Albert Einstein
Oscar Levant
Will Rogers
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