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The C. Everett Koop Papers

Letter from Chet Brooks to C. Everett Koop pdf (72,024 Bytes) transcript of pdf
Letter from Chet Brooks to C. Everett Koop
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1987-04-03 (April 3, 1987)
Brooks, Chet
Texas Senate. Committee on Health and Human Services
Koop, C. Everett
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AIDS, the Surgeon General, and the Politics of Public Health
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Letters (correspondence)
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April 3, 1987
Dear Dr. Koop:
It was a genuine pleasure to visit with you and hear your address to the Texas Legislature on March 26.
Your presentation was excellent. You discussed in a very forthright manner the critical, yet sensitive, issues which must be addressed regarding the AIDS epidemic.
At the moment, we face an uphill battle regarding state funding for AIDS prevention programs. Despite your timely remarks last Thursday, the following day the House Appropriations Committee deleted state funds being requested for such essential programs. But the Senate Finance Committee added funds, so we'll resolve it in Conference Committee.
Enclosed are newspaper articles pertaining to your visit and the House Appropriation Committee's actions.
As you mentioned, the AIDS epidemic deserves our immediate attention. I hope we will be able to successfully convince our House colleagues of the need to take a responsible and comprehensive approach to this public health crisis.
Again, it was a privilege to meet you, and I appreciate your leadership on this and other important health issues.
Chet Brooks
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