Educational Resources

The National Library of Medicine presents the following instructional resources for educators in K-12 as well as in higher education institutions for use with the Charles R. Drew Papers. These resources provide examples of how the rich content and primary sources in an online archive can be used in a classroom. They were developed as instructional suggestions that educators may adapt in whole or in parts as she or he deems most appropriate for students' interests and academic goals.

Lesson Plans

These lesson plans contain background information, relevant academic topics, national standards, learning outcomes, step-by-step procedures, and all instructional materials that feature historical primary sources. They were developed in collaboration with Sahar Siddiqui, instructor of English classes at the Montgomery College (Montgomery County, MD), and former English teacher (high school level) at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School (Rockville, MD).

--"Charles R. Drew: Athlete, Surgeon, Innovator, Mentor!" (7-8 grades):

--"Charles R. Drew Through Digital Primary and Secondary Sources" (9-10 grades):

--"Reading and Understanding Charles R. Drew" (11-12 grades and undergraduate introductory level):

Higher Education

The higher education module for the Charles R. Drew Papers was developed by Richard M. Mizelle, Ph.D. to introduce students to the rich avenues of intersection between the history of medicine/science and African American cultural history.

--"Life after Death: Dr. Charles Drew, Civil Rights, and the Legacy of Race" (for undergraduate and graduate courses):